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Fleshlight Launchpad Giveaway!


Hey everyone!

As a way to launch our new forum we decided to do a members’ contest for a FREE Fleshlight Launchpad!

The Fleshlight Launchpad fits onto your Fleshlight and holds your Ipad so you can really imagine that I’m between your legs sucking your cock! Make sure to watch our upcoming Launchpad unboxing video to see the Launchpad in action!

To enter you must be a paying member then leave a comment in this this thread telling me which of my videos you’re most excited to watch on the Launchpad! Sign up for a membership right now to be eligible!  The contest ends June 1st 2017!

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Also watch our Fleshlight VS Blowjob Videos where I do a side by side comparison to determine which is better at making you cum! You may also be interested in watching me unbox and test the Fleshlight for the first time!



12 Days of Xmas Deals!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

No matter what you do or don’t celebrate, this is definitely a special time of year, so we’re having the biggest sale of the year and doing 4 raffles for prizes! So for the 12 days of Christmas (December 15th-26th) get yourself a little sometime special and enter the raffles! Read more below to see the deals and enter the raffles!

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Survey Raffle Results!

Hey everyone!

At the beginning of March I put out a survey asking all of you about your opinions on the website, and you guys sure delivered! We got 218 entries! So many more than we were expecting! It took a while to go through them all, but it was so worth it, and now it’s time to announce the winner!

I used to pick the winner live on Snapchat, and the winner is…


Congrats to the winner and thank you so much to everyone who participated! Click below to read the results of the survey!

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Fuck A Fan Contest!

vlcsnap-2016-03-10-18h50m57s147Hey everyone!

Every day I receive hundreds of pictures of your guy’s cocks and messages asking to shoot with me, and until now I really had no idea how to handle all of your requests! It’s hard find the time balance between shooting videos, travelling to suck cocks, and personal life! Then I thought about all the bigger pornstars out there who make videos where they fuck their fans, and I thought, maybe I should try that! So, to combine our love of travel, our work making videos, and my love for sucking cocks, today we’re announcing our 100 FUCK A FAN NORTH AMERICA TOUR! 🙂

Starting today, you can enter to be one of the hundred fans I fuck on our tour across Canada and the US! We want to hit every major city in Canada, and all of the cool ones in the US, and fuck a fan in each one, record a video with them, and put EVERY SINGLE ONE ON PORNHUB FOR FREEEEEEEEEE!!! 😉 😉 😉

Below I put together a little form for you guys to fill out; just some basic stuff like age, height, weight, cock size (width, girth, as measured from the floor (this is for industry regulations and positional comfort)), cum volume, taste (based on the 5 basic tastes: sweetness, sourness, saltiness, bitterness, and umami; as well as texture/viscosity).

So click below to enter!

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FREE Raffle for 1 Month Membership! :)

Hey everyone!


We’re looking to hear from you guys about what you think of our websites! We’re always looking to improve, and after a year of running our sites we’ve had so many members that have been helpful in showing us where we need to improve! We want our website to be super user friendly for you guys, not just for our paying members but also for those who just want to enjoy our free content. So I’ve put together a couple quick questions for you guys, and anyone who participates will be entered into a raffle to win a 1 month membership! 🙂

Even if you don’t want to fill in the whole survey, I still want to hear your thoughts about how we can improve our site! Email me! 🙂

Thanks so much in advance for your help! 🙂


  • When you go to what is your first impression?
  • Is the fact that there is free content on both the Bitcoin and Credit card version of the site immediately obvious? (Currently you may have to scroll down on the first page to see this), and if you were only looking for free content, would this first page deter you from continuing?
  • Is this front page confusing/does it have too much text?
  • What do you think of the overall look?
  • Once you click into either the Bitcoin or Credit Card site, what is your first impression?
  • Which site did you choose, Bitcoin or credit card?
  • What are your thoughts on the colours and layout?
  • Do you think it might be confusing for new viewers? Is it easy for you to determine what we’re about on the first page?
  • Is it easy for you to find all of our free videos?
  • Is it easy for you to find all of our member’s clips?
  • Are the drop downs easy for you to navigate?
  • Once you click past the first page, there is a tag cloud in the side bar. What are your thoughts on that, and what type of search system do you prefer?
  • What are your thoughts on the blog format of the posts?
  • Do you have any other favourite porn sites (based on their functionality, less than their content)? If so I’d love to know which!:
  • I’d love to hear if you have any other thoughts about the website!:

Thank you guys so much for being such amazing fans! I appreciate you filling this out! To be entered into the raffle, please email me your answers at:🙂

I’ll notify the winner on April 1st 2016, and as usual, don’t worry the winner will stay anonymous! 🙂


Sexy SnapChat Saturday! August 15th

Hey everyone!

Sexy SnapChat Saturdays is now a weekly event where we take you along through our workday, snapping sexy pictures along the way! If you’ve missed previous weeks’ posts, you can check them out here! To join in on future Saturdays add “sexy_saffron” on SnapChat!

IMG_0506 IMG_0497


This week we shot a lot of videos and not so many photos! Oops! 😉

Before we got down to business though, I thought it would be fun to have a little contest! I asked to hear your best puns for a chance to win a free video! Check out some of my favourites below, as well as the winning snap! 🙂



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Fan Signs + Lottery Winner Announcement!

Hey everyone!

As part of our 10 Million Pornhub views promotion we offered free fan signs for anyone who asked, and said that one lucky winner would receive either a free video or a free month membership if they were already members.

So we made a bunch of fan signs and picked one out at random and the winner is…

“Chance_iz_squad” from Reddit! 


Congrats! I hope you enjoy your prize!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated! Here are your fan signs! (Sorry for the bright coloured crayons!)

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