Survey Raffle Results!

Hey everyone!

At the beginning of March I put out a survey asking all of you about your opinions on the website, and you guys sure delivered! We got 218 entries! So many more than we were expecting! It took a while to go through them all, but it was so worth it, and now it’s time to announce the winner!

I used to pick the winner live on Snapchat, and the winner is…


Congrats to the winner and thank you so much to everyone who participated! Click below to read the results of the survey!

The Results:

We got such helpful feedback! Here were some of the common suggestions:

-Our splashpage is too confusing with too many words. It seems I didn’t do a good enough job explaining the differences between the Bitcoin and Credit Card sites- namely the “no censorship” part; there are a handful of taboo videos that are only available on our Bitcoin site currently, as well as the fact that incest terms like sister are not changed to “step-sister” on the Bitcoin site. It was also apparently confusing that I put the price of membership on the front page, which made some think they had to pay to enter the website and did not know there was free content to be watched!

-One thing that really surprised me is that everyone loves our black layout ( and absolutely HATES our white layout (! This shocked me because I always preferred the white layout, but many of you said that it was too bright and hurt your eyes. I totally agree! I can’t believe I didn’t see this myself, but most popular porn sites these days have very dark coloured themes!

-Another thing that surprised me was that so many of you said you dislike our font choices! I didn’t even think to add a question about font on the survey because I just didn’t think anyone cared about it, but I’m glad I now know you do! I’ll be definitely trying out new fonts to look for a good one that is easy to read and more pleasant to look at.

-Something I’ve been looking into adding for a while is a member’s only forum, and I’m very glad that many of you asked for this so that I know I won’t be the only one posting! I’d like to make this site even more interactive than it is, with a space for members to chat, suggest video ideas, and participate in contests! 🙂

-Our free and member’s videos could be easier to find, and instead of a tag cloud a list of categories is preferred.

-Adding a newsletter would help people keep up to date and see what I posted in the last week.

I hope to make this site even more personal in the relaunch and make it easy for you guys to get to know me and what I do as well as where else you can find me on the internet!

There were tons more answers of course, and lots of technical tweaks that were suggested, but these were the main suggestions that came up again and again, and I feel so excited to know exactly what needs work! I’ve already begun the long process of redesign, and I can’t wait to show you all! Don’t worry, if you have a membership they will automatically be carried over in the redesign so you won’t be without my content for even a day! 😉

Thank you all so much again for participating! It’s been super helpful, and I know it took some of you a good amount of time to fill out the survey, and I appreciate you trying to make our little corner of the internet even better! 🙂


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