Cum On Hair Ruined Orgasm Handjob – FREE-Release!

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In this CFNM Free-use Ruined Orgasm Handjob video I completely ignore my husband as I casually stroke his cock! I wear a simple red t-shirt that matches my lipstick and nails; my hair has gotten so much longer recently so I left it down to accentuate its length. I don’t wear my glasses in this video and instead you get a lot of eye contact! Even with how little attention I’m giving him, Dennis’ cock twitches and pulses, and I can tell I’m bringing him closer and closer to the edge. So I stop stroking! I love teasing…edging his cock over and over! Finally, I can tell he can no longer hold back…but instead of stroking harder and faster as he cums, I stop stroking altogether and ruin his orgasm! He still shoots an incredibly huge cumshot all over my hair and face! After I take a moment to admire all of his bright white cum all over my hair, my job is done and I simply get up to leave!

Length:  11 minutes


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Meditation Masturbation JOI #17

I know I don’t need to remind you of all the awful things happening in the world today; I hope that you’re doing your best to help out in any way you can, whether that means protesting, donating or simply making your voice heard. I also hope that you’re still taking the time to take care of yourself. Constant stress is not healthy. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so if you neglect your mental and physical health you won’t be able to continue to give your best for very long. It’s important to remember to take time to relax and lower your stress levels every day, even if it’s only for a few minutes. I hope you are all staying safe and that this meditation helps you at least a little!

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