This Clown Sucks & Fucks! – FREE-RELEASE!

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This video was once a members-only video, and it was so popular with members that I decided to release it to the world for free!

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This is a very old video from the first year we did porn! It was originally a custom video, but so many of you Satyrs enjoyed it that I even did a part 2! Click here to watch part 2! 

In this video I wear full clown makeup while I suck cock and get fucked! Watch my boobs bounce as I make silly faces in my clown makeup! Just before Dennis cums he pulls out and I turn around to get his hot load all over my makeup!

Length:  8 minutes


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This Clown Sucks and Fucks 2

*POOF!* Hello! Oooh, you look sad! Don’t worry, I’m here to cheer you up! Hehe! And I’ve got just the thing to make you happy, but first we’ll have to take off these pants! Ooh! He’s a sad cock, isn’t he? Here, let me make him happy  with my mouth! Mmm…now he seems nice and happy, but you still look sad! I’ve got another idea! *POOF!* It feels good inside me, doesn’t it? Hehe! I see a smile on your face! You’re starting to feel better, aren’t you?! But I know what will make you super, super happy- to cum all over my silly clown face! *POOF!* Mmm! Yes! Cum all over my silly clown face! Hehe! I can see that you’re really happy now! Yay! Well my job is done! Time to go cheer up another sad man! *POOF!*

*In this clown fetish blowjob video I play a clown who appears to sad, lonely men with the job of cheering them up! In full face paint I playfully lick, suck and kiss your cock. Noticing that you could be happier, I magically appear right onto your cock! I ride you fast, my boobs bouncing all the while. This makes you smile, but I have an idea of what could make you happier- and I magically appear again between your legs, sucking and stroking you onto my silly clown face! Once you’ve shot your huge load all over me, I disappear to help another!*

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This Clown Sucks And Fucks!

You like when I’m in full clown makeup don’t you? Smearing my makeup with your cum turns you on… doesn’t it? Watch as I give a silly and fun blowjob, dirty talking with the cock in my mouth… then watch as I get fucked from behind! Finally, just before he’s about to cum, I turn around and take his hot load in my mouth and all over my makeup!

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