2 Angle Blowjob! Sexy Satyrday Live Cam Show!

Hey Satyrs!

As many of you know, we just recently moved! This new house has lots of full length mirrors so we just had to take advantage for our first video in the new bedroom! You get 2 angles all throughout! Watch as I suck Dennis’ cock, making him cum in my mouth, and playing with his cum – and see my ass, pussy and feet from behind at the same time! We have plenty more rooms to film in, so stay tuned as we film new videos in each one!

If you’ve never watched before, Sexy Satyrday is our weekly live cam show where I chat with you guys, our Satyrs! Stay tuned to my Twitter (@SexyMissSaffron), Reddit (reddit.com/r/sexy_saffron), or Pornhub to find out where and when the show will happen each Saturday! Click here to watch all past Sexy Satyrday episodes! 

Length: 23 Minutes


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