Even with the amazingly realistic blowjob experience of the Fleshlight, you still have to hold your tablet or watch porn on your computer, which in our opinion, takes away from the experience slightly! In comes the Launchpad- a tablet holder that fits onto your Fleshlight so that you can look down and actually see my face sucking your cock!


Here is a link to purchase one for yourself so you can imagine me between your legs!

Buy Now!

This is a referral link that does not add to the cost for you, but supports us in making more free videos! I really appreciate your purchase and we plan on making lots of videos specifically for viewing on your Launchpad!

The Launchpad is for anyone who already has a Fleshlight and an Ipad! If you don’t already have a Fleshlight, you can Click Here to get one! The Launchpad only fits the Ipad, so this is not for anyone with a different kind of tablet.

Make sure to watch our unboxing video to see the Launchpad in action!

-Coming Soon!-

With our many POV videos you’ll never run out of content to watch on your Launchpad!

Buy Now!

Just like the Fleshlight, the Launchpad bills and ships discreetly so you don’t have to worry about anyone knowing what you’ve purchased! Ours arrived in about a week, and their website says that you should receive your purchase within 9 days!

Get one today!


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