Art of Blowjob: The Slow Tease

I love giving Dennis blowjobs, they’re my favourite videos to film, and behind the scenes Dennis gets at least one blowjob a day, just for fun. Many people ask how I give such great blowjobs, so I thought I’d make a little series with tips so that any woman can know how to give a great blowjob. Hope you enjoy this post, let me know if you’d like me to continue the series! You can check out the entire series by clicking here!

I love giving slow sensual blowjobs. Whenever I watch porn (read: everyday), all I see are rough, fast blowjobs. Even ones that are labeled “sensual” often end with the guy jacking himself onto the girl’s face. Personally, I think it’s the girl’s job to get him to finish. I also think blowjobs are something to be enjoyed, not to just “get through”, which is how I’m left feeling when I see a girl stroking a guy roughly. I realize mainstream porn is fake, and those women are just trying to get him to pop so they can get a paycheck, but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I want to watch people who genuinely enjoy each other. Blowjobs aren’t a chore, they’re an art form.

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The Doll House – Book 3 – Free Bimbo Transformation Erotica


Today’s doll-to-be is a woman who was caught trying to break into the facility over night.
She cries, “please! It was just a misunderstanding! Please just let me go!” I laugh. There’s no hope for her now. Soon she will go through a bimbo transformation – receiving huge breasts, new lips and hair, and of course losing her sentience. And there’s nothing she can do about it.

This 2400+ word bimbo transformation story features a sexy transformation scene and a naughty MMMF sex scene! Read this story for free down below!




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