Behind The Scenes: Saffron Teaches Sensual Blowjobs Episode 2!

Hey Satyrs!

While getting ready for and filming Saffron Teaches Sensual Blowjobs Episode 2 we had another camera rolling at a different angle- giving you a unique perspective into how we shoot our videos! This video not only has the entirety of Saffron Teaches Sensual Blowjobs Episode 2 (at a further away angle, not POV and you can watch as Dennis films), but also a few bonus minutes before and after the video! See what I told Misha right before she gave my husband a blowjob!

I love giving sensual blowjobs, and my goal is to teach women everywhere how to give blowjobs in a way that’s more fun for both the giver and receiver! I hate how mainstream porn only shows rough, fast blowjobs, where the women are obviously not having fun, and the men have to jerk themselves off to finish! I think it’s better to take my time, give a nice slow sensual blowjob, which is not only easier on my arms and throat, but it also makes Dennis’ orgasm bigger – and he never has to finish himself off!

In this episode I teach MILF Misha Mynx a new way of giving blowjobs- she’s done lots of mainstream porn blowjobs, but has never given a sensual blowjob before! Watch to see how I instruct her to use her tongue as we suck my husband’s cock together! 

Length: 29 Minutes

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