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When I’m browsing mainstream porn, all I seem to find is rough, unenthusiastic blowjobs and sex in crazy unrealistic positions! And if I turn to amateur porn to find more loving, enjoyable sex, the videos are usually so poorly lit with terrible camera angles that it takes me completely out of it! So I’ve decided to do something about it! I believe as a home porn producer I can create just as well lit, high quality porn videos as mainstream, while bringing you into our real, fun, sensual, and loving sex life!


What you’ll find on our site is a collection of creative videos covering a variety of fetishes! I think sex should be fun and when you watch our porn you should feel not only a part of the action, but also my enthusiasm to make you feel good – just as my husband Dennis feels when I pleasure him! You’ll find everything from Jerk Off Instruction Games, to Sensual Blowjobs, Sex, Female Orgasms, Taboo (step-brother/sister as well as step-father/daughter and naughty schoolgirl) and even fun fetishes like Breast Expansion and cosplay! I’m always trying new things, trying to improve our videos, explore more fetishes and be more creative, and I love hearing ideas from Satyrs like you in our forum!

Our membership gives you access to download all of our 500+ videos in HD quality, PLUS also gives you promotions and discounts on all prints, worn panties and custom video purchases, PLUS access to our catalog of erotica AND to our exclusive members contests!

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If you’ve seen our free Pornhub videos, then you know we make great porn, but what you probably don’t know is that we save some of our best videos for members! Here are just a couple of my favourite videos that you’ll get exclusive access to as a member:

Close-Up: Sensual Blowjob

Schoolgirl JOI Countdown After Class

Saffron Teaches Sensual Blowjobs – Episode 1 – Lacey’s First Sensual Blowjob!

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Our membership is for anyone who likes our fun sensual porn and wants to download our videos in HD! This membership isn’t for anyone who prefers streaming because at the moment we only offer downloads in order to keep the membership price down. We’re looking into adding a streaming option in the near future for those of you who don’t want copies of our videos to keep forever!

Here are some things Satyrs have had to say about our website!

“I love because porn produced by women is WAY hotter and Saffron is one of the hottest women going.” – funkytime90 on Reddit


“I love because of how personal she is to all her fans! Beautiful, sexy, fun, great cook, boobs are perky, ass is firm & pussy looks delicious” – @phs41 on Twitter


“I love because it’s an excellently well managed website for me to head to if I’m after some well-produced amateur material” – Sprucefap on Reddit


“I love because I can find content that is both genuine, yet has professional production. It’s content I can’t find anywhere else, and the communication between Saffron and the community is amazing! Plus she takes bitcoins!” – joshmanzors on Reddit

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