Hey everyone!

So I know that not everyone is as lucky as Dennis to have a partner who enjoys giving them blowjobs, so I found a solution! The Fleshlight! We tested it out and Dennis agrees- it really does feel like the real thing! Even the skin texture feels real! In fact, in our sexperiment he came even faster with the Fleshlight than my blowjob! So right away I knew I had to recommend it to you guys because I know many of you wish you could feel me suck your cock as you watch our videos!

The specific Fleshlight that we have is the Classic Pink Mouth with the Mini Lotus interior– I researched online and this interior is the closest to what the inside of a throat feels like!

Here is a link to purchase one for yourself so you can feel instead of just imagine what it would be like for me to suck your cock as you watch my videos!

Buy Now!

This is a referral link that does not add to the price for you, but does help support us in making more videos! I really appreciate your purchase and I plan to make lots of videos both featuring the Fleshlight and made for viewing with the Fleshlight!

Watch our Fleshlight Unboxing and Sexperiments videos to see exactly how the Fleshlight compares to my blowjob skills!

Fleshlight Unboxing!

Fleshlight VS Blowjob – Part 1: Blowjob – Sexperiments With Saffron!

Fleshlight VS Blowjob – Part 2: Fleshlight! – Sexperiments With Saffron!

This is for anyone who wants the feeling of blowjobs but either does not have a partner, or doesn’t have a partner who enjoys giving blowjobs (it’s also very fun to use with a partner, and allows the partner to not put in as much work!) It’s not for anyone who prefers the feeling of a handjob/jerking off, because I’m told it feels A LOT like a blowjob! I’ve also read that using this to edge can help improve stamina for other types of sex! Be sure to watch our upcoming Edging Fleshlight video for more on that!

Click here to Buy!

As someone who loves to please her partner, and as someone you know who is skilled in the art of sensual blowjobs, I really do recommend this as a replacement for blowjobs and will even continue to use this on Dennis every now and then!

Our Fleshlight arrived quickly in a nice discreet box- so you don’t have to worry about your neighbours knowing what you purchased! It even comes with a tracking number so you know exactly when it will arrive! It also bills discreetly so you don’t have to worry about it appearing on your credit card!

What’s included:

  • A Fleshlight¬†case
  • A Texture sleeve (I chose the Mini Lotus Texture)
  • Mouth Orifice
  • Instructions for use and care

The Fleshlight website also guarantees that with proper care your Fleshlight will last you a lifetime! It’s also super easy to clean- I just take it in the shower with us and give it a quick rinse, then leave it to air dry on a towel and it’s as good as new! Make sure to always use water based lubricant and you should never have a problem with it wearing out!

Get one today!


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