Saffron Says LIVE! JOI Game and Q&A – Sexy Satyrday February 24th 2018

Hey Satyrs!

Many of you have told me you love when we do our Q&A’s so for Sexy Satyrday we went live on and I answered questions and we played Saffron Says! I think this was Dennis’ first time cumming twice on camera since his vasectomy! I just teased his cock so good during Saffron Says that he couldn’t help but explode in my hands again as I answered your questions!

If you’ve never played Saffron Says, it’s just like Simon Says, but I’m Saffron! So if I say “Saffron Says” then you have to stroke just as I say! But if I don’t say “Saffron Says” and you follow my instruction anyway, then I got you! Click here to watch all my Saffron Says JOI Game videos!

During this live show we also live snapped on my Snapchat account SaffronSnaps1, but it seems that Snapchat’s new redesign has made snapping a terribly frustrating experience, and in the end Snapchat missed one of the cumshots! Because we can’t rely on Snapchat anymore, we’re thinking of discontinuing our Sexy Satyrday Snapchat shows and sticking to going live on Xotika or other live cam sites for Sexy Satyrday. What do you guys think? Let me know below, or on Twitter!

Length: 55 Minutes


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