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Custom Videos

Direct your own custom fantasy! I only take a very limited number of custom video commissions a year, and price varies depending on your request. Email me to discuss your request, or simply leave your video ideas in my forum and I might one day film it!

Buy Clips

Want to buy an individual clip without a membership? Click the clips4sale link at the bottom of every post, or click here to view all my clips on clips4sale! 

Sensual Blowjob Live Cam Workshop

Want to learn how to get the best blowjobs of your life? Or want to learn how to give the best blowjobs you can? Spend 30 minutes with us live on cam and I’ll teach you how! Whether you’re a receiver of blowjobs, a giver, or a couple, there’s something you can learn! Email me to schedule a session!



Panties for sale

I have a variety of panties I can wear for you! Thongs, bikinis- even hand knitted pairs! Each pair includes vacuum sealing and a free print! Email me to ask about what pairs I currently have available!

Socks for sale

I have a variety of socks and stockings available for purchase! Each pair includes vacuum sealing and a free print! Email me to ask about what pairs I have available!


Click here to see what prints I currently have available! Each pair comes with an autograph and a personal thank you message with your name (if you provide it). Free shipping is included within North America!

Colour Me Saffron! Adult Colouring Book Issue 1




This is my first adult colouring book! With 20+ schoolgirl themed pages for you to colour and cum on, “The After School Special” is available in paperback and PDF! Banned by Amazon for being too explicit, this naughty schoolgirl will make you cum again and again! Email me to order a copy! 





Sex toys:


The womanizer is an AMAZING female-only sex toy that I believe rivals the Magic Wand! It’s a completely new sensation, using a light suction instead of vibration! Plus being much smaller than the Magic Wand it’s very discreet and great for traveling! Watch me test it out for the first time and have one of the BIGGEST ORGASMS OF MY LIFE!

Pussy Replica

Ever imagine having my tight pussy slide down your cock? Now you can feel it too! I worked hard with the manufacturers to get the details just right- this pussy replica is a perfect model of my real pussy! Watch me test it out on my husband to see how it compares to the real thing!


I love the Fleshlight with Classic Pink Mouth and Mini Lotus Interior! It made my husband cum WAY FASTER than my blowjob did! I was so surprised but I’m happy that it’s definitely a good substitute for the real thing! Click here to watch my Fleshlight Sexperiments videos! 


A great addition to the Fleshlight to watch my POV videos so it really looks like I’m sucking your cock! Click here to watch me unbox the Launchpad!

Magic Wand

The magic wand is my #1 pick for couples! Especially when paired with the speed controller, this is the most versatile and powerful sex toy bar none! It can be used together or alone by either partner and delivers incredible vibrations! Click here to watch my Huge Hitachi Orgasm series and my Hitachi on Cock Sexperiments Video!

Magic Wand Cock Sleeve







A great addition to the Magic Wand for men! Using this you can fuck the tight cock sleeve and feel the amazing vibrations all over your cock at the same time! There are different ribs on both sides so you can choose which ribs tease the head of your cock! Click here to watch me test this out on my husband! 


Want more info or want to purchase something? Email me!


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