3 Chances to Cum at Saffron’s Circus! – JOI Games With Saffron!

Hey Satyrs!

Welcome to a new episode of 3 Chances to Cum in my JOI Games with Saffron series! This is a very special episode because it’s hosted by Silly Saffron instead of Sexy Saffron! I know many of you have been excited for more clown content so let me know if you want Saffron’s Circus to cum back to town!

If you’ve never played 3 Chances to Cum before play along as I roll my big pink dice 3 times, giving you 3 chances to cum! In the first round I multiply your roll by 2, and that’s how many strokes I give you! In the second round I multiply your roll by 4, and in the third, and final round I multiply your roll by 6! If you can’t cum by the end of it, you’ll just have to play the game again!

Will you cum in the first round? Will you cum in the third round? Will you get to cum at all? Play and see!

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Length: 10 minutes


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Meditation Masturbation JOI #31

Happy Meditation Monday Satyrs!

Today’s meditation is a mantra meditation! Let me hypnotize you into complete relaxation, and hopefully an orgasm! As I repeat the mantra “stroke” focus all your attention on my voice and how good your cock feels with every stroke! I change the speed of the mantra throughout the meditation to keep you fully engaged – if you find your mind wandering use this video as practice to keep you grounded in the present moment, and return to the mantra, letting all other thoughts fall away for the time being.

The video I used for this meditation is Handjob with Breast Play!

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Blowjob and Sex JOI | Sexy Satyrday Show #013

Hey Satyrs!

This Sexy Satyrday Show was a very chatty blowjob and sex JOI show where I answered all of your questions while sucking, fucking, and telling you how to stroke along! We try out lots of different positions, so there’s something for everyone! In the end I get a huge load of cum all over my whole body!

If you’ve never watched before, Sexy Satyrday is our monthly live cam show where I chat with you guys, our Satyrs! Stay tuned to my Twitter (@SexyMissSaffron)Reddit (reddit.com/r/sexy_saffron), or Pornhub to find out where and when the show will happen each Satyrday! Click here to watch all past Sexy Satyrday episodes! 

Length:  49 minutes


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Cum On Our Shiny Satin Nighties feat Clara Dee!

Hey Satyrs!

Want to see us get covered in cum in our matching teal satin nighties? Watch as Clara and I stroke your cock using our satin nighties and hands with LOTS of lube! This is a very wet and messy satin porn video, and if you love handjobs, this is the video for you!

Length: 14 minutes


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Extra Special INTERACTIVE JOI Live Show June 26th 2021! Featuring The Handy!

the handy sex toy joi live show interactive

Hey Satyrs!

I know so many of you love when I try out sex toys on my husband, like my Fleshlight vs Blowjob series, the Hitachi Magic Wand and even my Pocket Pussy, and the reason why I haven’t done another in this series in so long is because I only ever want to promote sex toys I’m 100% in love with! As you know, I almost never do brand deals but when this company approached me and we got to test out their toy I just knew I had to share it with you guys!

Introducing… The Handy!

It’s a super cool automatic stroking device that syncs up to an app that I can control! You might have seen the show Cute Clara Dee did with them where she controlled all of the viewer’s toys at once! I’ll be doing the same, but I’ll also be using one on Dennis at the same time! This means that when the Handy moves up and down Dennis’ cock, your Handy will move the same way!

This will be THE MOST interactive JOI show that I’ve ever done!

So if you want me to stroke your cock as we play a JOI Game LIVE, then head on over to the Handy website and get one so you can join in on the fun on June 26th 2021 at 2pm EST!

I even got you guys a special deal – if you order through my affiliate link you get free shipping saving you $19! 

Full disclosure: The Handy is paying me to do a live show on their site, but they did not tell me what to say about this product and before even accepting the live show Dennis and I had fun testing out the toy and we honestly love it! I especially love that you can pair it with a Fleshlight (or my pocket pussy!), but it also comes with a cock sleeve so you have plenty of ways to play! There’s also a very cool Handy subreddit filled with posts by other fans with lots of tips and creative ways to use it! I think this toy is pretty revolutionary and I’ve been waiting for teledildonic technology to get better and finally I can truly play with you live! It also syncs up with their collection of videos or you can just use the controls on the device, so even after the live show there’s lots of fun to be had!

CLICK HERE to buy a Handy for yourself!

See you LIVE on June 26th 2021 at 2pm EST for a very special INTERACTIVE Sexy Satyrday Show on HandyFeeling.com!


What’s Cumming: June 2021!

Hey Satyrs!

Here’s what’s cumming this month:

Full Length Videos Every Monday!: 

  • Cum on our Shiny Satin Nighties with Cute Clara Dee!
  • Sexy Satyrday Show #13
  • 3 Chances to Cum at Saffron’s Circus! Clown JOI
  • Meditation Masturbation JOI #31

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LIVE Sexy Satyrday Show:

This month we partnered with HandyFeeling.com to bring you an extra special live show! The Handy is a really cool stroker device that syncs up to an app that I can control! That means that while I use the toy on Dennis, your Handy at home will be stroking the exact same way!

Click here to get a Handy for yourself so you can join in on the fun!

The show will be on June 26th at 2pm EST so don’t miss out! 

Members will also get the full UNCUT recorded live show on the following Monday – so even if you can’t join in live, you can watch the whole EXPLICIT show months before it’s up on Pornhub! OnlyFans members will also get the uncut live show! 

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I hope you enjoyed the taste of what’s to cum!