October Sale!

Hey everyone!

To go with all the excitement of Blowjob Every Day October I’ve decided to have a big sale for all of October! πŸ™‚

Custom Videos

Our usual custom video rate is $275 for 20 minutes of video (with credit card, $250 for Bitcoin purchases), depending on content, personalization and props, but during the sale the rate is just $125 for 10 minutes (with credit card, $100 for BitcoinΒ purchases)! Since we’ll be so busy shooting for Blowjob Every Day October, these will all be filmed in November! You will be given an exact delivery date with purchase.

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Blowjob Every Day October!

I love October; it’s my birth month and it has Halloween! So this year I thought I’d do something extra special- a new blowjob video every day in the month of October! And I’ve decided to make them all free on PornHub! Are you excited? I’m excited! πŸ™‚

So stay tuned every day this month for a new post! There will be lots of fun costumes, and a certain alien I know you all love might make a comeback! πŸ˜‰

I’ll update this post daily with links to each of the day’s videos as they come out, and I’ll add them to a PornHub playlist for easy viewing! Enjoy! πŸ™‚

  1. Sensual Blowjob in the Tub
  2. Suck and Fuck on the StairsΒ 
  3. Cock Tease Blowjob
  4. Sexy SnapChat Saturday! October 3rd
  5. Perfect Wife Blowjob 3
  6. My Birthday SnapChat Story!
  7. This Clown Sucks and Fucks 2
  8. Super Sensual Cock Worship Part 5
  9. Foot Smelling Handjob & Blowjob After Dancing
  10. Sloppy Sensual Deepthroat Blowjob
  11. Sexy SnapChat Saturday! October 10th
  12. Bare Ass Blowjob
  13. Tit Fuck Blowjob
  14. Daphne Sucks Cock For Clues
  15. Alien Saffatron Craves Your Cum
  16. Slutty Red Riding Hood Blowjob
  17. Perfect Wife Blowjob 4
  18. Sexy SnapChat Saturday! October 17th
  19. Cum on my Glasses
  20. Awesome Blowjob in a Tent
  21. Naughty Schoolgirl Gives Teacher a Ruined Orgasm
  22. Satin Panty Blowjob by the Fireplace
  23. Fertility Clinic Blowjob
  24. Cum Eating Vampire Blowjob
  25. Sexy SnapChat Saturday! October 24th
  26. Ass-Teasing Step Sister Blowjob
  27. Catgirl Blowjob
  28. Spooky Ghost Blowjob
  29. Cum Cumpletes The Spell!
  30. Sensual Smoking Blowjob


A Weekend of Teasing 2


Hey honey… I know you’re missing me… you’ve been away for so long! But you get to come home very soon! I know you can’t wait to come back, so I can do so many naughty things to you… How about, you unzip your pants, and take your cock out, while I tell you exactly what you’re in for…


Honey, you’re home! I’m so excited to see you! Oh and I bet you’re excited to see me! I wore your favorite dress! I knew that it would only frustrate you even more… I bet you’re dying to have my lips wrapped around your cock… let’s unbutton you… there we go! Oh wow, your balls feel so heavy and full… that’s a case of some serious blue balls! I love teasing you… and it really would be a shame to just let you cum now, and waste all this delicious build-up… all this frustration… mmmmm…


This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, for so long isn’t it? I’m finally going to let you cum! Wow, look how full and heavy your balls are now! Oh yes… me teasing you this long… it’s giving you such a bad case of blue balls, isn’t it? Hmmmm… I love that! I know exactly how to tease you, and make you ache in frustration… I’m going to cover your cock in red lipstick kisses…

*In this non-stop tease and denial video, I play your wife who has been sending you frustrating videos while you’ve been away on the road, teasing you with descriptions of the things I’ll be doing to you when you get home! Then when you do, I make good on my promises, licking and sucking your cock, caressing your balls, and giving you delicate kisses all over! I don’t let you cum right away obviously, in fact, will I even let you cum at all? ;)*

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Deep Throat Blow Job in the Kitchen

My stand mixer broke! I guess I’ve been making too much bread and cookies with it… πŸ˜‰

Dennis had been working my mixer all day, taking it apart so we could order some new parts and I can start baking up a storm again! I thought that in return for all his hard work, that I’d show him just how much I appreciate him! I got down on my knees in front of the oven, and sucked his cock as sensually and deeply as I could! I licked his shaft up and down, and of course his balls all over too! Eventually I started to speed up, stroking his cock hard and fast, sucking his cock hard until he exploded all over my face! I tell him I’ll go take a shower, and once I’m done I’ll make him dinner! Best wife ever or what!? πŸ˜‰

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Birthday Wishlist Sale! Spoil Me and I’ll Spoil You Back!

Hey everyone!

October 5th will be my 24th birthday! I’m so excited and I have so many fun things planned for this site in October! The first thing I want to share with you guys is my birthday wishlist sale- from now until a week after my birthday (October 12th), if you buy something from my wishlist you get something in exchange! I’ve listed below what you would receive for each item, and I’ve made it so that you get a deal based on the purchase price versus the original price for the content. If you’ve been meaning to buy a video, panties, or a membership this would be a way to get it discounted! All prices are in Canadian Dollars and on Amazon.ca which also accepts US & international credit cards. So check out the list of 50 items below grouped by price- the wishlist is limited, so so are the deals!


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Lollipop Precum Tease 2

Staring at my feet again, are you? You love when I tease you, don’t you? Oh boss, I know I’m your secretary, but, I know you want my feet… You know it’s wrong but you just can’t stop staring at them, can you? Don’t you notice how I take off my shoes underneath the desk? I know you notice. I see you staring at them as I scrunch my feet, wiggling my toes, and dangling my shoes…

Sometimes I even see a boner through your pants! So you can’t deny it! I know you love my feet… go ahead, you can watch them… I know you have a foot fetish! And you especially love my feet, don’t you? Common, get my feet right close in your face! It’s what you’ve been waiting for, isn’t it? You love how my toes look, in my see through pantyhose, don’t you? I knew it boss, I knew you couldn’t resist my feet!

Well, I’ve got an idea… it’s a naughty idea… How about I make you a deal? I get to drain your cock of all it’s juices… and in exchange, I’ll let you stare at my feet as I do so! Does that sound like a good deal boss? Yeah? Alright then, let’s go have some fun!

*In this precum draining foot fetish video, I tease you with my feet while I stroke, lick, and suck all the precum out of your cock until I make you explode! I even pull out a nice big lollipop that I rub all over your cock, getting it covered in your juices and licking them off it! I make sure you get lots of views of my wrinkled soles in my pantyhose, and make you cum all over my lollipop so I can lick it all off!*

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