Gummy Bear Precum Play Blowjob with Shoe Dangling and Wrinkled Soles

I know you’re watching me laying here, reading my comics and eating my gummy bears. You’re looking at the gummies, wishing it your cock being squeezed between my lips instead. I dangle my shoes for you a little, knowing how much that turns you on… You even have your cock out, stroking yourself right out in the open next to me! I can’t resist, I need to know what my gummies would taste like if they were coated in your precum. I get between your legs, dropping my shoes so you can see my wrinkled soles scrunching as I play with your cock. I tease your cock to get as much precum out of is as possible, slowly licking the head, stroking the shaft. Once I have enough, I coat my little gummie in it… and it tastes delicious! Sometimes I can’t even help but lick it up straight from the source! I drain you of every last drop of precum you have for 30 long minutes of teasing, until I make your cock shoot it’s delicious juices right into my mouth! I play with your delicious cum in my mouth, rolling it around on my tongue, savoring you… I even dip some more of my gummies right in your cum, and it makes them taste that much sweeter! 😉

Length: 30 Minutes


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Lollipop Precum Tease 2

Staring at my feet again, are you? You love when I tease you, don’t you? Oh boss, I know I’m your secretary, but, I know you want my feet… You know it’s wrong but you just can’t stop staring at them, can you? Don’t you notice how I take off my shoes underneath the desk? I know you notice. I see you staring at them as I scrunch my feet, wiggling my toes, and dangling my shoes…

Sometimes I even see a boner through your pants! So you can’t deny it! I know you love my feet… go ahead, you can watch them… I know you have a foot fetish! And you especially love my feet, don’t you? Common, get my feet right close in your face! It’s what you’ve been waiting for, isn’t it? You love how my toes look, in my see through pantyhose, don’t you? I knew it boss, I knew you couldn’t resist my feet!

Well, I’ve got an idea… it’s a naughty idea… How about I make you a deal? I get to drain your cock of all it’s juices… and in exchange, I’ll let you stare at my feet as I do so! Does that sound like a good deal boss? Yeah? Alright then, let’s go have some fun!

*In this precum draining foot fetish video, I tease you with my feet while I stroke, lick, and suck all the precum out of your cock until I make you explode! I even pull out a nice big lollipop that I rub all over your cock, getting it covered in your juices and licking them off it! I make sure you get lots of views of my wrinkled soles in my pantyhose, and make you cum all over my lollipop so I can lick it all off!*

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