12 Days of Xmas Deals!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

No matter what you do or don’t celebrate, this is definitely a special time of year, so we’re having the biggest sale of the year and doing 4 raffles for prizes! So for the 12 days of Christmas (December 15th-26th) get yourself a little sometime special and enter the raffles! Read more below to see the deals and enter the raffles!

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October Sale!

Hey everyone!

To go with all the excitement of Blowjob Every Day October I’ve decided to have a big sale for all of October! 🙂

Custom Videos

Our usual custom video rate is $275 for 20 minutes of video (with credit card, $250 for Bitcoin purchases), depending on content, personalization and props, but during the sale the rate is just $125 for 10 minutes (with credit card, $100 for Bitcoin purchases)! Since we’ll be so busy shooting for Blowjob Every Day October, these will all be filmed in November! You will be given an exact delivery date with purchase.

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Birthday Wishlist Sale! Spoil Me and I’ll Spoil You Back!

Hey everyone!

October 5th will be my 24th birthday! I’m so excited and I have so many fun things planned for this site in October! The first thing I want to share with you guys is my birthday wishlist sale- from now until a week after my birthday (October 12th), if you buy something from my wishlist you get something in exchange! I’ve listed below what you would receive for each item, and I’ve made it so that you get a deal based on the purchase price versus the original price for the content. If you’ve been meaning to buy a video, panties, or a membership this would be a way to get it discounted! All prices are in Canadian Dollars and on Amazon.ca which also accepts US & international credit cards. So check out the list of 50 items below grouped by price- the wishlist is limited, so so are the deals!


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I can’t believe we just hit 10 million views on Pornhub! Thank you so much everyone! I’m so glad you like our videos so much! As a special thank you for being so awesome, I thought I would give you guys a huge special promotion! 🙂


So, for a whole week from today (so until June 28th, 2015):

  • 10-Minute Custom Videos for just $125 ($100 if you pay with bitcoin, no private customs)!
  • $25 Panties! I’ll post a little album of my current collection!
  • Free cock ratings! For the whole week if you send me a dick pic and want me to rate it, I will!
  • Free fan signs! All week, send me something you want me to write down on piece of paper for you, and I’ll take a picture with it!
  • Fan Sign Lottery! Once I’ve done all the fan signs, I’ll pick one at random, and that person will get a free video or an extra month of membership if they’re already a member!

Send me a message through email (sexy_miss_saffron@hotmail.com), Reddit (/u/sexy_saffron), Twitter (@SexyMissSaffron), Pornhub (Sexy_Saffron), or Snapchat (@sexy_saffron)! 🙂

I’ll try to do the cock ratings as they come in, or as I’m usually answering messages! I’ll also collect all your fan sign requests and then on the 28th I’ll take all the fan sign pictures and send them to you! I might even do a little free video of me taking them! 🙂



Everyday I get messages from you guys asking if there’s a way to join my site without using bitcoin. I’ve felt really bad about it, because I just want to share my porn with you guys, and I know that bitcoin isn’t easy for everyone to use just yet. 🙁

So, I built a credit card enabled version of the site for you! You can find it at www.cc.bacchusent.com, it’s $19.99/month, and it accepts VISA, Mastercard, JCB, and Discover! It’s almost identical to the main site, in that you can access almost my entire catalog of over 300 videos, I’ve just had to remove some of my more super-taboo videos in order to comply with the payment processors moral policies. It makes me sad having to censor myself, but I think it’s worth it if it means you guys will be able to enjoy it! I’ll be updating it in parallel to my main site, so in general all of the content will be identical, just some changes to wording and certain videos will only be available on the bitcoin site. I know it’s not the perfect solution, but now you can enjoy my content even without bitcoin, and make the switch whenever you’re ready! The main site will always be bitcoin only so we’ll be free from censorship and be able to make the porn we want to make! It also always be half the price of the credit card site thanks to Bitcoin’s lack of fees! 🙂




Black Cotton Thong

This tight black thong is 100% cotton and hugs me oh-so-nicely! Pressed up against me, it’s sure to become saturated in my sweet scent. I’m currently having a moving sale (I find out tomorrow if I got the house!), so instead of my regular price of $50/pair, these can be yours for $25 if you pay with Bitcoin (or $30 if you’d like to pay by credit card) and members of my website get an additional $10 off! These include free north american shipping, vacuum sealing, PLUS a free video!

Email to purchase: sexy_miss_saffron@hotmail.com


Soft Blue Panties

I just bought these soft blue panties and I love how see-though they are! They’re made of a soft synthetic material and they’re super comfy to wear. These can be yours for $50, but those with a paid membership to this website get a $10 discount! It’s basically like buying the panties and getting your membership for free! Panties include vacuum sealing and free shipping. Email me to purchase: sexy_miss_saffron@hotmail.com