Birthday Wishlist Sale! Spoil Me and I’ll Spoil You Back!

Hey everyone!

October 5th will be my 24th birthday! I’m so excited and I have so many fun things planned for this site in October! The first thing I want to share with you guys is my birthday wishlist sale- from now until a week after my birthday (October 12th), if you buy something from my wishlist you get something in exchange! I’ve listed below what you would receive for each item, and I’ve made it so that you get a deal based on the purchase price versus the original price for the content. If you’ve been meaning to buy a video, panties, or a membership this would be a way to get it discounted! All prices are in Canadian Dollars and on which also accepts US & international credit cards. So check out the list of 50 items below grouped by price- the wishlist is limited, so so are the deals!


High Ticket Items

These are the highest priced items in the list, starting at $200 or more, and these come with the biggest perks including lifetime membership to this site and personalized custom videos!



high end


Mid-Priced Items

These are things that cost less than $200 but more than $25. Some of the perks include multiple month memberships and non-personalized custom videos!

mid range

Inexpensive Items

These gifts are $25 or less. Some perks include a pair of worn panties or socks, or signed prints!




I hope you guys have fun with this! Let me know if there’s something you’d like in exchange for a gift that I didn’t mention, and maybe we can make a deal! Only once the gift has physically arrived will your perk be sent to you. If you’d like to spoil me but receive an instant perk, I’ll also accept Bitcoin for these deals. 😉


Starting now prints will also be available for purchase! Price depends on size, starting at just $10 for a signed 4×6! Here’s an album with the pictures currently available as prints:


available as prints


You guys are always so awesome! I hope you like this birthday sale, I have so many more things planned for you guys! 


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  1. I’ve seen your videos and finally came to your site. Read this blog and the first thing I notice is we share the same birthday. It’s great knowing I share it with a hot girl.

  2. This is cool. Do you have an Amazon Wishlist where I can buy and send some of these items to you? (Amazon usually has a feature where you can hide the real address).

    • Right now I’m in between PO boxes, so I can currently only accept Amazon giftcards (.ca), but you can just let me know whatever it is you want me to spend it on, and I will! 😉

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