The Doll House – Book 3 – Free Bimbo Transformation Erotica


Today’s doll-to-be is a woman who was caught trying to break into the facility over night.
She cries, “please! It was just a misunderstanding! Please just let me go!” I laugh. There’s no hope for her now. Soon she will go through a bimbo transformation – receiving huge breasts, new lips and hair, and of course losing her sentience. And there’s nothing she can do about it.

This 2400+ word bimbo transformation story features a sexy transformation scene and a naughty MMMF sex scene! Read this story for free down below!




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The Doll House – Book 3


Strapped to my medical table today’s doll-to-be cries, “please! It was just a misunderstanding! Please just let me go!” I laugh.

“No, I think I’ll keep you here. You knew exactly what you were doing, and now you have to face the consequences.” I respond cooly, preparing various syringes and creams for the bimbo transformation.

“This is a human rights violation! This whole facility is! You can’t just transform people and take away their sentience!”

I laugh again. “Can’t I?” I grab a syringe filled with botox and squeeze out the air bubble.

The woman lying on my medical table was caught trying to break into the facility overnight. Her camera was filled with photos of the entrance- it appears that she was watching clients come and go for at least a week. I can’t have that of course.

I stand above her, examining her face. She’s clearly terrified, her brow is furrowed and she’s chewing her lip- and she should be terrified. She’s not going to like what comes next.

I place my hand on her forehead, stretching out the skin. She calls out “please no!” but I pay no mind. Deep wrinkles line her forehead. According to her driver’s license Ms.Jackie Fields is 39 – one of the oldest I’ll ever have transformed.

“Don’t move,” I instruct. Out of fear, she obeys. I stick my needle into her wrinkles, one at a time, smoothing out her forehead. And suddenly she looks ten years younger.

“I can’t move my forehead! What are you doing to me?!” she cries. I ignore her as I prepare my next set of injections- Restylane filler for her lips. “Please, just stop now! I promise I won’t tell anyone! I swear! You can take my camera and everything!”

I love it when they beg, as if it will make any difference. She’s already proven herself to be a liability. There’s no escape now.

“Hold still,” I instruct, going in for her first lip injection.

“And if I don’t?” She asks defiantly.

“Well then I can’t be sure to prick the right place and you might end up with severe nerve damage. And then you would be of no use to me at all.” That shuts her up long enough for me to inject her lips 4 times, making her lips swell into a pout.

As she trembles with fear I look her over to decide my next procedure. She has shoulder length chestnut brown hair with a few greys mixed in. Her body is nice and fit for a woman of her age, but her breasts are small and hang limply, braless, under her green t-shirt. She’s wearing tight fitting jeans that accentuate her curves, and I wonder what her ass looks like- I barely got to take a look at her when I was awoken in the middle of the night by my security team. They made quick work of restraining her to my medical table, as is the standard practice for anyone we find snooping around the facility.

It’s hard work keeping such a facility a secret to the public. Our clients know this place very well, and while they are usually discreet- for as much their sake as our own- sometimes they let it slip to the wrong person, and we end up in a situation like we’re in today.

To decide what to do next to our doll-to-be I’ve got to get a better look. I grab a pair of scissors and approach the table.

Jackie’s eyes widen in terror and she pleads, “Please! Don’t hurt me! Please! I’ll do anything! Really! Just don’t hurt me!” Tears well up in her green eyes, and I roll mine. So dramatic. I take my scissors up to her neck and snip the collar of her shirt, allowing me to rip her t-shirt open to expose her breasts.

Her chest is at least two shades lighter than the rest of her tawny skin, and her nipples are puffy and a deep shade of rose.  I gently run a finger around her areola causing her nipple to stiffen. She can’t help but like it.

Now to perk up and expand her small sagging breasts. I grab my stem cell serum cream and slather it all over my gloved hands. I rub all over her chest, massaging each breast individually. She whines in protest about all the laws I’m breaking, but I tune her out.

I take off my gloves and signal to my security team waiting outside my door. My two guards, big muscular men named Tom and Ron, enter the lab and begin to unfasten our new doll’s restraints.

“Where are you taking me now? Am I free to go? What did you put on my chest?!”

“Be quiet.” Ron commands. She obeys. The two men each grab an arm and lift her off the table, guiding her to my breast expansion machine. “You move, you die.” Ron instructs. She stands stiff as a board as the machine closes around her.

As the machine whirs around her I notice her ass nicely fills out her tight jeans. Good. One less thing I’ll have to do today.

I leave my guards to watch over her as I grab a coffee from the cafeteria, and by the time I come back the machine has stopped. I smile. In front of me Jackie stands with breast bigger than watermelons! Full and round they hang heavily down to her navel. My guards look pleased as well, each unable to keep their eyes off her enormous rack.

I walk over to her and grab a massive breast in each hand, squeezing the plush heaviness. She flinches. They must be sore.

Now to do something about the paleness of her chest. I gesture towards my spray tan booth at the back of the room next to my hair colouring station. The guards guide her towards the box and pull off her jeans and white cotton panties, revealing a nice smooth pussy. She protests some, but by now knows it’s safer to just obey.

I calibrate the machine to give her a nice golden tan all over. Inside the machine an interface lights up and directs her to position herself for optimal all-over coverage. I make sure to add a detail about spraying under her huge watermelon breasts.

When she steps out, my jaw drops. Her spray tan came out perfectly golden, like she’s spent a fun day at the beach. I examine her all over, lifting her massive breasts, lifting her arms, checking between her thighs- perfect coverage without a single streak.

Finally, the last part of her physical transformation- her hair. My guards strap her into my hair colouring station and recline her chair so that her head rests on the edge of the basin. I activate the machine and it closes over her forehead.

“What are you doing to me now?! Is this machine going to take my mind away? Please I’ll do anything if you just let me go right now!” She cries, obviously terrified that this is her last moment of sentience.

“Not just yet. Relax, this is just to change your hair colour.” I explain while browsing through doll personalities in my mind control device.

“Why are you doing this to me?” She asks now, with a tremble in her voice. “Why are you changing me? What are you going to do with me?”

I ignore her questions and continue browsing.

Once her hair is done the machine shuts itself off, freeing her head. My guards unstrap her from the hair colouring station and strap her once again to my medical table.

She can tell this is the final step and struggles against her restraints. “You know what? Fuck you all! You’re all assholes and you won’t get away with this!”

“Oh yes, we will.” I assure her as I lubricate the electrodes of my neurostimulator.

For a moment I just watch as she flails helplessly on my table. Her beautiful platinum blond hair works very nicely with her new golden tanned skin. Oh and her breasts! With every thrust she makes against her restraints they wobble and jiggle so deliciously! It’s all I can do to keep myself from grabbing them, but there will be time for that soon.

“Don’t do this.” She pleads finally, her green eyes welled up with tears.

“You shouldn’t have stuck your nose where it didn’t belong, now I have no choice.” And with that I place an electrode on each of her temples.

Before she even has a chance to scream I turn my machine to level 1. She moans helplessly, “Nooo!” As she begins to lose her ability to focus. Her eyes wide in fear.

I smile and turn the dial to level 2. Now she only makes gurgling sounds, utterly incapable of speech. She continues to struggle ineffectively. This is my favourite part: watching as a doll’s mind completely slips away as she desperately clings to her sentience. But there’s no hope for her.

I turn the dial to level 3. With a sharp intake of breath the life in her eyes fades to an unfocused blank stare. Finally, peace.

My guards undo her restraints and I program my pre-selected personality. A ditzy bimbo.

Her eyes refocus, but she still looks hollow, empty. Just how I want her. The bimbo transformation is complete.

“Now let’s have some fun!” I exclaim to my guards. Ron and Tom have been eagerly awaiting this moment since they caught her last night. “Sit on the floor.” I instruct our new bimbo.

“Okay!” She agrees brightly, giggling for no reason. The Jackie that lay on my table moments ago is now completely gone, replaced by a bubbly, fun loving, slutty, airhead bimbo. “Ooh! The floor is chilly!” She laughs.

My guards unzip their black cargo pants, freeing their hard cocks at last. Jackie doesn’t hesitate, grabbing a cock in each hand she begins to stroke, taking turns licking and sucking the head of each cock.

I remove my lab coat and dive into Jackie’s heaving bosom face first. I suckle her puffy nipples and squeeze her ripe watermelon breasts. Jackie squeals in delight.

My guard Tom decides he wants more than just her hand and forcefully grabs the back of her head, leading her to his cock. She happily obliges and swallows down his meaty shaft, bobbing her head back and forth while still maintaining her rhythm on Ron’s cock with her hand. What a champ.

I stand, knees slightly bent, and stick my dick right between her massive breasts. Oh how soft they feel enveloping my dick! I grab a heavy breast in each hand and thrust upwards over and over. Precum lubricates her chest allowing me to slide into her cleavage with ease.

Suddenly I hear Tom begin to groan and shudder. Jackie increases her speed of sucking, making sure to swallow his entire cock down her throat with each thrust. Tom grabs the back of her head and holds his cock in her throat, groaning loudly. After a moment, he lets go, pulling out his cock. Jackie coughs a little and cum runs down her chin. She eagerly slurps it back up before turning her attention to Ron. Tom cleans himself up and leaves without a word.

Jackie hungrily sucks her way down Ron’s cock, using a hand to stroke his balls and her other to hold the base of his cock.

I’m still fucking her plush breasts, but I want more. I pull Jackie off Ron’s cock and lay her down on the floor. The massive breasts weigh heavily on her chest and wobble with every breath she takes. I climb on top of Jackie’s chest, my balls slapping against her chin and continue to fuck her huge titties. I gesture to Ron to try out her pussy.

Ron gets on his knees and grabs Jackie’s ass, lifting her hips so he can enter her. Slipping his cock into her wet pussy with ease, Jackie moans in pleasure.

“Yeah you love that, don’t you little slut?” Ron teases. She moans agreeably as Ron begins to fuck her hard.

I want to feel her wet mouth and pouty lips around my cock so I straddle her face and she gladly takes me inside. I slip easily all the way down her throat, my balls resting on her nose, allowing her to stroke them gently with her hand.

I thrust down her throat over and over, gagging her a little each time which causes her throat to squeeze my shaft in such a delightful way! I grab a massive breast in each hand and tweak her nipples as I fuck her throat.

“Let’s flip around,” Ron suggests. I agree and disembark from her face, laying myself down on the floor. Ron grabs Jackie’s hips and flips her around, positioning her doggystyle. As he enters her from behind she quickly returns her mouth to my dripping wet cock.

Swirling her head round and round she presses her warm tongue into the sensitive underside of my cock, sending shivers down my spine. She bobs her head up and down and around in time with Ron’s thrusts, and each time he slams into her pussy he brings us both closer to the edge.

Jackie, though she hated me before her transformation is now excited to have my cock in her mouth, her moans sending vibrations all down my shaft.

Ron’s thrusting intensity increases, each pounding thrust sends my cock deep into Jackie. I feel pressure building up in my balls with every spine tingling slide down her throat.

All at once the pleasure becomes too much to take, and I explode in ecstatic spasms, electric waves of pleasure coursing through my body.

Just as I come down from my high, Ron groans loudly and pounds deeply into Jackie’s wet pussy, exploding into an orgasm of his own.

Finally, Ron and I get up, clean ourselves off and zip our flies. To Jackie’s delight Ron picks her up, struggling a little with the sheer volume of her breasts, and carries her to her new home- a tiny windowless room here at the doll house, where she’ll stay until someone rents or buys her.



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