Saffron Says JOI | Sexy Satyrday Show #014

Hey Satyrs!

For this Sexy Satyrday Show we played Saffron Says! If you’ve never played Saffron Says before, it’s a Jerk Off Instruction game just like Simon Says – but I’m Saffron! So if I say “Saffron Says” you have to stroke just like I say! But if I don’t say “Saffron Says” and you follow my instruction anyway, you have to stop stroking for a count of 10! Click here to see all episodes of Saffron Says!  In the end I make Dennis cum all over my face and play with his cum!

If you’ve never watched before, Sexy Satyrday is our monthly live cam show where I chat with you guys, our Satyrs! Stay tuned to my Twitter (@SexyMissSaffron)Reddit (, or Pornhub to find out where and when the show will happen each Satyrday! Click here to watch all past Sexy Satyrday episodes! 

Length:  56 Minutes


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