Fireplace Cum on Hair & CUSTOM VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENT! | Blowjupdate #001

Hey Satyrs!

As many of you know, we moved to a farm! I wanted to give you a full update of everything that’s going on, so what better way than to tell you everything in a voice over while you watch me suck Dennis’ cock?! If you’d prefer to just watch the blowjob with the soft sounds of my sucking, then Click Here to go to the Extended Members Version of this video that doesn’t have a voiceover and includes extended Post Orgasm Torture AND Behind the Scenes clips!

Custom video submissions are now open! Prices start at $1000 USD for 10 minutes and vary depending on what you’d like to see and if you would like your name in it! There are only 12 video slots this year so email me today to book your spot!

Thank you so much for watching our videos, we really appreciate all your support, you’ve really helped make all our dreams come true and I hope you enjoy all the spicy farm content to cum!

Length: 12 minutes


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