What’s Cumming: May 2019

Hey Satyrs!

Starting this May I am going to be publishing these content calendars so you know what I’ll be uploading next and when!

Members’ Mondays are for Members-only videos that will be available for subscribed Satyrs, or for purchase on clips sites like Clips4Sale and ModelHub.

Wank-Off Wednesdays (do you have a suggestion for a better name?) are for FREE videos – either free-releases of previously members-only content, or brand new totally free videos!

Sexy Satyrdays are our FREE live shows on Chaturbate! Currently the calendar displays the show we will be doing live that day, but soon I will also upload previously-shot live shows for you to watch in case you missed them! 🙂

I hope you Satyrs enjoy this taste of what’s to cum! 😉


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Hey Satyrs!

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Updates! Sexy Satyrday Live show TODAY!

Hey Satyrs!

I’ve missed you guys so much! I’m so glad we’re finally getting back to work! For those of you who don’t know, it has been a wild holiday season at the Bacchus house! Since we’ve been on hiatus, my husband Dennis got a vasectomy and we’ve moved to a new house! To recover, Dennis had to spend many days laying down as I tended to his every need, including lots of gentle blowjobs after the first week! Now, two months later, he’s back to his old self, and for his birthday last week I even made him cum 3 times! We have a lot more to say about his vasectomy experience, so if you’re interested let us know and we’ll make a video about it!

We’re still in the process of getting settled in the new house, so expect new sets in our videos! We’re planning on painting all the rooms white, but until then, you might see some tan, blue and even green walls! We plan to make videos in every single room of our new house to show you all the potential sets we have for new videos!

Starting in February we plan on being back to our normal posting schedule of Monday Member’s videos, Wednesday Free Pornhub videos, and Sexy Satyrday live shows, but we’re so excited to be coming back that we’re going to have our first Sexy Satyrday show of 2018 TODAY! So stay tuned to our snapchat: Saffronsnaps1 and our Xotika.tv channel! I’ll also make a post on my Twitter and Subreddit when we’re about to go live! Stay tuned!

Some of our other goals for 2018 are to implement a streaming option for members’ videos, continue the search for new girls to make double blowjob videos with, and making the front page layout and search function more user friendly! Let us know what else you’d like to see us work on in 2018!

Update: I also have a TON of messages to answer, so if you messaged me over the holidays, I will try to answer you ASAP!


A Small Change in Paid Membership


Yesterday we checked our Amazon S3 streaming bill and realized that you guys like watching our videos way more than we expected! That’s so awesome! However, it makes streaming extremely expensive, and if we continued at that rate, each membership would cost us money. Not so awesome. So, instead of raising rates to $20+ like most other sites, we decided to remove the streaming portion of our website. Downloading of all videos is still 100% available for paid members, and is now hosted through Mega.co.nz! Making the switch will allow us to keep the memberships at the same price and you still get to watch all of our videos!

We’ve also decided to start making video trailers so you can see a sample of the video and audio quality before downloading! Check out the first one in our Sissy Cuckold Slave Training Part 12 post!

We’d love to hear what you think of the changes! Is streaming super important to you- and if it is, would you pay $20-$30 a month?


How to Get Started With Bitcoin!



We get a lot of questions about how to get started using bitcoin and how the membership works, so I’ve put together a very quick and simple guide on how to get started using bitcoin, and some frequently asked questions related to bitcoin and our site. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me!

If you’ve never used bitcoin before, use this guide to help you get started quickly in just a few steps!


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13 Songs that motivate me to get shit done!

I used to be so bad at sticking to goals. I would make a New Year’s resolution to eat better or something, but once Valentine’s day rolled around with all the cinnamon hearts and chocolate boxes, all bets were off. In 2014 though I accomplished every one of my New Year’s resolutions! One thing that really helped keep me motivated all year long was surrounding myself with motivational/inspirational things- like books, documentaries and music!

I really like this quote by motivational speaker Zig Ziglar- “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing-that’s why we recommend it daily.” I really believe this is true!

Listening to this playlist never fails to motivated me. I listen to it as I work out, I listen to it when I don’t feel like getting out of bed to work, I listen to it when I need new ideas for videos and stuff. I hope it can help motivate you to achieve everything you want to achieve in 2015!

I’m always looking for music to add to this playlist so let me know of any motivational/inspirational song you like in the comments! Happy New Year!