The Shocking Truth About Your Sex Toys: A PSA About Toxic Sex Toys!

So I went to grab my dildo yesterday for a video and found this:

IMG_4535 IMG_4536e2












No, these sex toys were not near any heat- quite far from it actually! And yet, they still melted together! This isn’t the first time I noticed something like this. Last time my dildo melted a very tiny portion of one of my cock rings. I didn’t think much of it at the time, and since the damage was so little, I just washed the dildo off and continued on as normal. This time was much worse. A jelly cock ring, and a jelly Hitachi attachment have now fused onto my dildo! I was shocked! I always put my toys away clean so I knew it couldn’t be the lube I use, so I looked online and found article after article about other people with the same experience!

Turns out, most sex toys are made of PVC and other plastics mixed with mineral oil and chemical stabilizers which after time can leach out and cause melting reactions like you saw above. Even ones that say “body safe plastic” are not necessarily safe after multiple uses. Not only is this dangerous for keeping the integrity of your toy, but there are reported instances where people have gotten infections from using toys that have off-gassed.¬†

This was the dildo I purchased from Amazon, I don’t recommend buying it. The only safe sex toys are those that are 100% pure silicone or glass (not silicone elastomer¬†or silicone blends!). There are a few high end toy manufacturers that are good about this, like Fleshlight, so don’t worry, you don’t have to stop playing with toys altogether! Just make sure you read what the toy is made of before use.

I suppose I have to go sex toy shopping now! Anyone know of any really good 100% silicone dildos?



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