A Small Change in Paid Membership


Yesterday we checked our Amazon S3 streaming bill and realized that you guys like watching our videos way more than we expected! That’s so awesome! However, it makes streaming extremely expensive, and if we continued at that rate, each membership would cost us money. Not so awesome. So, instead of raising rates to $20+ like most other sites, we decided to remove the streaming portion of our website. Downloading of all videos is still 100% available for paid members, and is now hosted through Mega.co.nz! Making the switch will allow us to keep the memberships at the same price and you still get to watch all of our videos!

We’ve also decided to start making video trailers so you can see a sample of the video and audio quality before downloading! Check out the first one in our Sissy Cuckold Slave Training Part 12 post!

We’d love to hear what you think of the changes! Is streaming super important to you- and if it is, would you pay $20-$30 a month?


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  1. I agree with removing the streaming to keep costs down, but I want to complain about switching to mega.co.nz for downloading! It is much slower and very annoying opening a whole new page, clicking on a download button, waiting on it to download, and THEN getting a prompt to ask where to save it. It was way way better before on S3 where it acted like a normal link where you just click on it and tell it where to save and then forget about it while it downloads it the back ground.

    • I know, I really preferred the S3 method too, but apparently downloading consumes the same amount of bandwidth at the same $/GB as streaming, but with Mega it’s a flat rate so you guys can download as much as you like and I can keep the membership cost low. Right now there’s a really cool project in development called Storj which is a distributed hosting system that could be way way cheaper and still work the same way S3 does, so hopefully that will be available soon and we can switch to that! 🙂

  2. I was going to download anyway, so streaming is meaningless to me. The speeds with Mega were amazing, way better than I got at any other site I’ve joined. I’ve downloaded a few clips already at an average speed of over 4 Mbps. Not even the big sites like Brazzers offer that kind of speed. Plus the site works just as well on mobile so when I need my Sexy Saffron fix on the go, I can download whatever I want easily.

    I love the new site and for 10 bucks I couldn’t be happier! Plus I bought Bitcoin for the first time ever so I could join and it went up 50% in value from when I

    • (continued) from when I bought it to when it was credited to my account, so this site has actually made me money!

      • That’s so awesome! I’m glad that Mega is working so well for you! I would have thought that big sites like Brazzers would have very fast speeds, so I’m happy that I can compete! I’m so glad you like the site! 🙂

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