Scientist Saffron Transforms You Into a Holstein Heifer!

Oh good! You’re awake! Don’t try to move, you’re quite immobilized. The injections I gave you should be starting to kick in by now. Do you feel the tingles all over your body? Especially in your balls? Good!

You’re probably wondering what we do here. Well, my work as a genetic scientist has lead me to find a way to turn a person into any other type of animal! At this facility, we turn human “volunteers” into Holstein heifers! The serum in these injections has slowly begun transforming each of your cells into cow cells! Normally this process takes quite a long time, but I’ve found a technique whereby impregnation causes the process to happen much, much faster. To do this, your balls will turn into cow ovaries and pretty soon you’ll have a nice new cow vagina! After that, our bull George will be your new lover, and you will produce many calves for him!

Try to relax, don’t fight it, just enjoy! You must already start to feel your mind consumed with cow thoughts! I hope you at least remember that you brought this on yourself. Snooping around the farm, asking too many questions. How did you think we keep our herd populated? Well now you get to find out first hand!

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