Sexy Bitch Saffron Plays with Matches

Ugh, how dare you stare at me you little pervert. Haven’t you ever seen tits before? You better not be staring at me when my super cool boyfriend gets here, he’ll probably kick your ass. Oh, you don’t like when I blow smoke in your face? I don’t care, I do what I want!

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Brutal Humilation


This is your life now, on the ground, naked, humiliated. How pathetic is it that you need girls like me yelling at you to get off. You’ll never be able to touch us, and we’ll take all your money. That’s right, every woman on Earth knows how much a pervert you are, and we’ll blackmail you until you have nothing left. Welcome to your new life at my feet maggot.

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Get Moving Fuckface!


You. Are. Pathetic. You are a sad sack of crap, and I’m going to make you exercise naked for me. But you can’t do it can you? You’re too fat, too old, too ugly too stupid, you disgust me. You’ll never be able to get a hot girl like me, so just give up, and give in to me. *Severe Verbal Humiliation, Femdom, Corset, Role Play, BDSM Instruction*

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Brutally Humiliating Teacher JOI


You’re in detention for being a pervert and staring at my ass and boobs during class! You’re a pathetic piece of who will never get laid. You disgust me. I swear at you, yell at you… and you just start rubbing your cock over your pants, under your desk. Fine, if you want to jerk off to me yelling at you… I’m going to make this your most humiliating experience. I make you show me your baby dick and stroke it until you cum in a puddle in front of my feet with a countdown at the end!

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Brutal Schoolgirl Humiliation


You are a pathetic old, fat, stupid, bald, pervert with a way too small penis. You disgust me. You will never be able to have a real relationship… this is the only relationship you’ll ever have… you’ll never get a woman to sleep with you… so you come to me to be humiliated. This is the only relationship you need now.

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Pimping My Fag


My little faggot boy is so fun to humiliate! I just love forcing you to fuck and suck other dudes and make you take their hot loads in your face! But humiliating you isn’t enough, I want to make money off your humiliation too! So I’ve taken you to a gay club and I’ve handcuffed you to the toilet- now I’m going to make you suck off, fuck, and take hot loads from every guy who gives me $10. I humiliate and ridicule you for being a sick little faggy fuck for letting me do this to you! At the end of the night, your face is covered in cum and my purse is full of money! Moneyshot is right at the camera on the glass!

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You need to exercise you fat bastard!


I come home from the gym and catch you watching porn. But you’re so fat that your tiny dick hidden under all your fat can barely even get hard! I laugh at you and tell you you need to exercise with me. I do some jumping jacks for you to try and get you harder, but you still can’t get it up. Then I do squats and your dick only gets a little harder. I laugh and finally say you can jack off onto my tits if you promise to exercise with me tomorrow. You try but you can’t even shoot your load that far! I laugh, pick up my clothes. and leave.

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