Put on these panties for me you sissy!


I caught you looking through my panty drawer! Pervert! That’s so pathetic, what kind of man would want to put panties on? A sissy man, that’s who, and that’s you! I’m going to make you put on a bunch of my pretty panties, then I want you to jerk your tiny cock and cum right in the panties! Disgusting!

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Get Moving Fuckface!


You. Are. Pathetic. You are a sad sack of crap, and I’m going to make you exercise naked for me. But you can’t do it can you? You’re too fat, too old, too ugly too stupid, you disgust me. You’ll never be able to get a hot girl like me, so just give up, and give in to me. *Severe Verbal Humiliation, Femdom, Corset, Role Play, BDSM Instruction*

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I Want You Inside Me

Length: 5 minutes

Get over here…I want you inside me!

In this sensual sex video, I beg for you fuck me! I love how your hard cock feels against my smooth pussy, teasing my sensitive clit. My pussy gets nice and wet for you to slip right into, so you fuck me, watching my boobs bounce above my tightly-laced underbust corset. Right before you cum, I get on my knees in front of you and finish you with my hands and mouth, making you shoot your load all over my face and boobs!


Cum On My Boobs


I going to make you cum all over these boobs! Wearing a tightly-laced under bust corset, I kneel down in front of you and take your already hard cock into my warm, wet mouth. I lick, and suck you ever so gently, teasing just the head at first. I love licking you like a lollipop! I feel your cock start to pulse with every lick so I take you all the way into my mouth and begin to gently stroke with my hands. I make my way down your shaft with my tongue, and kiss and caress your sensitive balls. You’re getting so close now, so I stroke you a little more and you explode all over my boobs!