Get Moving Fuckface!


You. Are. Pathetic. You are a sad sack of crap, and I’m going to make you exercise naked for me. But you can’t do it can you? You’re too fat, too old, too ugly too stupid, you disgust me. You’ll never be able to get a hot girl like me, so just give up, and give in to me. *Severe Verbal Humiliation, Femdom, Corset, Role Play, BDSM Instruction*

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Brutal Schoolgirl Humiliation


You are a pathetic old, fat, stupid, bald, pervert with a way too small penis. You disgust me. You will never be able to have a real relationship… this is the only relationship you’ll ever have… you’ll never get a woman to sleep with you… so you come to me to be humiliated. This is the only relationship you need now.

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