Brutal Schoolgirl Humiliation


You are a pathetic old, fat, stupid, bald, pervert with a way too small penis. You disgust me. You will never be able to have a real relationship… this is the only relationship you’ll ever have… you’ll never get a woman to sleep with you… so you come to me to be humiliated. This is the only relationship you need now.

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You need to exercise you fat bastard!


I come home from the gym and catch you watching porn. But you’re so fat that your tiny dick hidden under all your fat can barely even get hard! I laugh at you and tell you you need to exercise with me. I do some jumping jacks for you to try and get you harder, but you still can’t get it up. Then I do squats and your dick only gets a little harder. I laugh and finally say you can jack off onto my tits if you promise to exercise with me tomorrow. You try but you can’t even shoot your load that far! I laugh, pick up my clothes. and leave.

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