Public Cum Walk at 420! – Montreal Sexplorations

This may be the world’s BIGGEST public cum walk! In this video Dennis cums FOUR times in and on me and I also cum once! This video is about an hour long and features public blowjobs, public sex, public cumwalks, two facials, fucking in a car, a creampie, solo masturbation, female orgasm and cum in mouth! Follow me as I head to 420 at Mont Royal Park, smoke a joint, give Dennis a public blowjob (making him cum all over my face!), walk through a huge crowd of literally a THOUSAND people, then get fucked by Dennis with people just feet away (making him cum on my face AGAIN!), walk through the crowd flashing my boobs with TWO LOADS all over my face, then go to a store and talk to a store clerk with cum STILL on my face, then head back to our car to fuck Dennis AGAIN (making him cum in my pussy this time!), then make myself cum using his cum as lube, then give Dennis YET ANOTHER blowjob (making him cum in my mouth this time!), all while talking about how much I loved doing the public cum walk! This is by far the craziest video I’ve ever done!

This is the GoPro version, we also shot a 360 version with both the Ricoh and Bubblecam that Pornhub were so nice to let us use! We’ll be releasing the 360 version later this week, so stay tuned! 🙂

I’ve been waiting so long to post this and I can’t wait to hear what you guys think of it! 🙂

Length: 56 Minutes


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