Weekly Newsletter: July 25th-31st

Monday’s Free Video!:


360 VR Backseat Blowjob!

In this video I gave Dennis a blowjob in the car, at night, to test how my 360 VR camera did in low light! You can look all around to see cars in the parking lot as I lick and suck Dennis, making him cum in my mouth!

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Wednesday’s Members’ Video!:


GoPro Backseat Blowjob!

This video is the GoPro version of Monday’s free video! Compare the two videos and let me know which you think is better!

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Sexy SnapChat Saturday!


Sensual Blowjob Show! Sexy SnapChat Saturday July 23rd, 2016!

This week we did a casual sensual blowjob show! We got high, then we got cozy in bed together- and I got lost in pleasuring Dennis, licking his shaft, his balls, and every little drop of his precum! In the end, I made Dennis cum just using my mouth! He spurted his huge load all over my tongue, which I happily licked up and played with!

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