Public Cum Walk at the Mall!

On a whim Dennis and I thought it would be fun to try and film a public video! We decided to check out the local mall for discreet public blowjob spots and do another public cum walk since so many of you loved when I did that in Public Blowjob and Facial! We were lucky to find a family bathroom at The Bay, so I gave Dennis a quick blowjob and stroked him all over my face and glasses! Then the really thrilling part- the public cum walk! This was WAY more public than I’ve ever done before and there were definitely some people who noticed all the cum all over my face! Luckily, no one stopped us this time, but it was so much fun there will definitely be more videos like this! Let me know your ideas for other fun public videos we can shoot at the mall! 🙂

If the video below isn’t working, try clicking the black sides of the video window to go directly to the video on Pornhub! Sometimes the embed doesn’t work right away 😛


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