Dripping In Daddy’s Cum


Video starts just after you, my step-Daddy, gave me a huge facial and came all over my tits and legs! I’m high off your cum… but then, I start to come down and I need more cum Daddy! So I get dressed up in an outfit I know you’ll like- super high red heels and a teeny tiny bikini! I tease you and beg for you to cum again! Then, cut to after you’ve cum again and I have my hands full of your cum- which I rub all over myself! Simulated cum. Solo video.

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Big Brother Little Sister Roleplay


Let’s play pretend!… I’m your naughty little sister who loves to watch you stroke your hard cock every night… dreaming of you crawling into my bed at night and pushing aside my little pink panties to stick your huge throbbing cock inside my tight little wet pussy. Watch as I describe all the naughty fun we could get up to… it makes me so horny I just can’t help to run my little pussy over my pink panties. Partial nudity.

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Naughty Schoolgirl Ruins Orgasms


 I’m a naughty school girl who loves to ruin orgasms! Watch as I tease you and give you a handjob… never letting you in my mouth… then watch as I stop when you start to cum- ruining your orgasm! And I’ll just laugh… I love teasing boys… finally I let you into my warm wet mouth… and I count to 10 asking you to cum again!