Age-Regression Succubus

So I’ve been having a lot of fun on our dates, and I think it’s time to take this to the next level! Have a whiff of this candle, and think back to when you were a younger man, the hot guy on campus….hmmmm….oh yes, that’s much better! I wonder how far back we can go?

In this age-regression fantasy roleplay video, I play a succubus who tricks you into regressing into a younger version of yourself! First, you become a 20 year old again, and I undress you, telling you how much I want you. I strip my satin nightie off, revealing lacy lingerie. Next I mesmerize you into becoming an 18 year old again. Your body changes, your chest has less hair. and I can’t wait to see what you have under your pants! I strip out of my bra, then I start to give you a handjob. Then you regress to the age you were when you got your first handjob. I beg you to cum for me, and I’m so delighted when you do! You’re so much younger now! I finally reveal that I’m a succubus who feeds off the sexual energy of young men! I have you feel my wet pussy, then I climb on top of you, riding your young cock until we cum together! But I have one more surprise for you… suddenly you regress into a baby and I tell you that I’m going to be your new mom!

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My Little Neighbor Boy


How about we play a game? I’ll flip a coin, and if I win, I get to touch you, and if you win, you get to touch me! Have you ever touched a woman before? I can tell you want to 😉 You might not be very old but maybe I’ll let you put your little cock in my pussy? How does that sound? *Age Regression, Older Woman/Younger Man, Role Play, Fantasies, Dirty Talk, Sex Ed*

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