Birth Control Causes Balloon Boobs


Oh Daddy, I know the birth control you put me on was supposed to curb my libido, but it’s had the opposite effect! Now I crave cock all the time! I need to suck and fuck every day, everywhere, and everyone! Even you step-Daddy! I need your cum so my balloon boobs can grow even bigger! Won’t you please cover my face and boobs in your cum? *Breast Expansion, Balloon Stuffing, Role Play, Daddy’s Girl, Simulated Cum, Dirty Talk*

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Dripping In Daddy’s Cum


Video starts just after you, my step-Daddy, gave me a huge facial and came all over my tits and legs! I’m high off your cum… but then, I start to come down and I need more cum Daddy! So I get dressed up in an outfit I know you’ll like- super high red heels and a teeny tiny bikini! I tease you and beg for you to cum again! Then, cut to after you’ve cum again and I have my hands full of your cum- which I rub all over myself! Simulated cum. Solo video.

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