Dripping In Daddy’s Cum


Video starts just after you, my step-Daddy, gave me a huge facial and came all over my tits and legs! I’m high off your cum… but then, I start to come down and I need more cum Daddy! So I get dressed up in an outfit I know you’ll like- super high red heels and a teeny tiny bikini! I tease you and beg for you to cum again! Then, cut to after you’ve cum again and I have my hands full of your cum- which I rub all over myself! Simulated cum. Solo video.

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Sweet 16 Present From Step-Daddy


It’s my sweet 16 birthday party today and all my friends are waiting for me downstairs. My step-Daddy comes into my room to give me a present… but it’s not the present I expected… at first I resist and say that it’s wrong. But Daddy feels too good and finally I give in, and I tell Daddy how much I love him and his creamy white cum. Solo roleplay.

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All Dressed Up with Nowhere to Go


I’m all dressed up in a sexy, classy dress, with stockings, heels and a pearl necklace. Then I sensually strip for you… unzipping my dress, revealing my corset… eventually unwrapping myself until I’m just in my nude thigh high stockings. And that’s when the fun begins… my partner joins me and rubs my wet pussy while I suck his cock… then he fucks me with a realistic dildo which makes me cum. Then finally he cums all over my face!

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