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In this taboo impregnation fantasy masturbation video I play a naughty school girl trying to seduce you, my older sister’s boyfriend! I have a huge crush on you, and just thinking about your cock makes me so wet! Watch as I masturbate for you, dirty talking about all the naughty things I want you to do to me…especially my biggest fantasy of all – I want you to impregnate me! I beg you to put a baby in my belly – will you knock me up?

Length:  9 minutes


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Cock Teasing Wife Handjob & Blowjob

Oh honey, you’re watching porn?! Why are you frustrating yourself like that? You know you can’t touch yourself since you broke both of your hands in an accident last week! Oh dear, now your every orgasm depends on me! I know I’ve only let you cum twice this past week, but that’s only because I have so much fun being a cock tease! I just love building up the pressure for days on end before finally letting you explode all over my face! I’m just going to tease you with my hands and mouth, but I’m not going to let you cum today! 

In this tease and denial sensual femdom handjob and blowjob video, I take pleasure in making you ache with desire! I allow my towel to drop, giving you peeks of my breasts and I lick, suck and stroke you! I tell you how much I love being a cock tease and how I’m going to continue to not let you cum!

Length: 12 Minutes


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Impregnation By Sister’s Boyfriend


I know you’re my sister’s boyfriend, but I see the way you look at me…and I have a bit of a crush on you too…I even have a fantasy that makes me so wet…I want you to put a baby in my belly!

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