Secretary Saffron Sweater Seduction

Boss, I have your presentation ready! Oh no! There’s a pin stuck in my sweater! Will you help me find it? Make sure my cardigan doesn’t get damaged? I love it so much, I don’t want it to get hurt, will you please inspect it closely to make sure? Come in closer…and my sweater will engulf you…

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Fuzzy Sweater, Scarf and Sock Humiliation


I love fuzzy sweaters, fuzzy socks… thick soft scarves… so soft, feminine. Oh, you like them too huh? You’re just such a fag! You’re such a girly boy that I’m going to bind you with these scarves, gag you with the socks and dress you in my soft pink sweater! Then… because you’re such a fag… I’m going to fuck you in the ass!

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