Deepthroat Blowjob for Step-Daddy after Dance

Daddy! Daddy! Are you still awake? Good! I’m sorry to bother you so late, but there’s something I need to show you! I learned something new at the dance tonight! Do you remember Jimmy? Well, we were dancing and getting really close, so we decided to go behind the bleachers and get a little closer… and well… he showed me how to do this thing… he called it “deepthroat”! It’s when I take your whole cock in my mouth and swallow it into my throat! He really loved it when I did it to him, he said I was a natural! I figured that since you’ve taught me everything I know about blowjobs Daddy, that maybe I could show you this and you would be proud of me! Does that sound good Daddy? Do want to see me deepthroat your cock? Ok!

*In this taboo roleplay video I play your not-so-innocent young step-daughter who wants to show you my new deepthroat blowjob technique! I get on my knees between your legs and slowly suck the whole length of your cock into my mouth! I gag a little, but I’m new at this, so you can help me practice! I suck your cock sensually until you shoot your huge load into my mouth, which is so big I can barely keep it all in my mouth! This video features gratuitous amounts of the top of my head as seen from above while I suck your cock so you can clearly see how my hair looks, especially how it parts!*

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I Will Mesmerize You Into Becoming My Bitcoin Slave!


Look deeply into my eyes… feel your body and mind relaxing… give control of your mind to me… now give me all your Bitcoins! Yes, all of them… and earn more for me every day too! When I clap my hands you will awaken, and will remember nothing of this trance… but you will certainly still give me all your Bitcoins!

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