Tip of my Tongue Sensual Blowjob

Do you think I can make you cum with just the tip of my tongue? I love teasing you, licking up and down your shaft, not taking you fully into my mouth. Instead my tongue explores your most sensitive spots, swishing side to side, then swirling around your swollen head. Do you like when I lick you like that? I can tell, you’re dripping with precum-which I love to lick up! 

In this sensual blowjob video I take my time to tease every inch of your cock with my tongue until you cum in my mouth! I open my mouth wide, showing off the huge delicious load, savoring it before swallowing it down. This is a great sensual blowjob video for those who love a lot of teasing tongue action, cock worship and cum swallowing!

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Comicon Gone Wrong!


I went to comicon dressed as a catgirl in a schoolgirl uniform… it was a lot of fun until one fan started to like me TOO much… then he captured me on my way to my car! All of a sudden, I’m in his house, leashed with a blindfold and ball gag! Now I have to lick his kitty treat… and rub him with my bare kitty feet! In the end I kick him in the balls and call him a pervert and run away!

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