Satin & Crotchless Panties Blowjob & Fucking Photoset!

Satin and Crotchless Panties BJ & Fuck!

Hey everyone! I was just gifted this awesome pair of crotchless panties! They’re super awesome and will definitely be making an appearance in future videos! Until then, I hope you enjoy these photos of me wearing the crotchless panties with my short red satin nightie while giving a blowjob and fucking! ๐Ÿ˜‰



Public Sex with Creampie at the Park

It was such a nice day out, that Dennis and I thought we should see if we could have a little fun at a nearby park! When we got there, Dennis reminded me that I hadn’t taken off my panties yet, so I promptly took them off under my short skirt right in the middle of the park! Then we sat down at a bench where I flashed a little, and I think one of the neighbors may have noticed ๐Ÿ˜› After, we found a little bathroom where we went inside, and I got down on my knees to suck Dennis’ already hard cock for a bit, before he put it inside me and pounded me hard! It didn’t take long for my tight pussy to make him give me a huge creampie! The cum dripped right out of me and onto the floor a couple of times, but I’m a good girl so I cleaned up after us! Then back to the car, but not before some lady tried to use the bathroom we were just in, and must have seen us both coming out! Overall, I’d say it was a pretty fun day at the park! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Cursed Ring Transforms Secretary Into Sexpot

Secretary Saffron hates how the other women in her office dress so sluttily and let the men treat them like sex objects. She prefers to dress like a proper lady, fully and tastefully covered. Then she notices an envelope for her on her desk! She opens it up to find a really cute ring! It looks great on her, but she quickly finds that the ring just won’t come off, and she has a meeting about to start! She decides to deal with it later and leave it on.

As soon as the meeting with her boss starts, she begins to notice something odd going on with her body! She can’t seem to control her legs, they keep raising as though she’s wearing heels even though she’s just wearing casual flats! She tries to get them under control, but then suddenly she notices that she actually is wearing heels! Surprised, she tries to maintain her composure, but then suddenly she’s wearing slutty stockings! She can feel her body changing, and before she even realizes it, she’s transformed into the very bimbo stereotype she hates so much! Her boss notices the transformation, and she notices the bulge in his pants, so she gets him to take his cock out and stroke it to her sexy body!

*In this JOI bimbo transformation video, I go from a frumpy plain secretary to a hot redhead in a skimpy dress! I tell you how much I want you to stroke your cock for me, while I rub my pussy, enjoying my new found sexuality!*

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Black Cotton Thong

This tight black thong is 100% cotton and hugs me oh-so-nicely! Pressed up against me, it’s sure to become saturated in my sweet scent. I’m currently having a moving sale (I find out tomorrow if I got the house!), so instead of my regular price of $50/pair, these can be yours for $25 if you pay with Bitcoin (or $30 if you’d like to pay by credit card) and members of my website get an additional $10 off! These include free north american shipping, vacuum sealing, PLUS a free video!

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Sex Therapist Saffron Helps You Reach Orgasm

So since this is our third sex therapy session, I thought we’d take things a little bit further. Firstly, how have your troubles with reaching orgasm improved overย our last two sessions? You still can’t reach orgasm? Well, I’m hoping this session will really help change that!

I’m thinking maybe your technique might be the problem. We’ve talked about dealing with stress and thinking sexual thoughts, so if that hasn’t helped you, I think we’ll need to take things into more serious territory.

Today I’m going to have you take unbutton your pants and take out your cock for me. Oh, you don’t have to be embarrassed! I’m a professional, this is what I do for a living! I’m going to tell you exactly how I’d like you to touch yourself, and we’ll see how it goes!

Now, I wouldn’t want you to feel awkward or uncomfortable with me just sitting here watching you, so I thought I’d give you some visual stimulation… and maybe we can reach orgasm together! Does that sound good? Alright, now unbutton those pants for me…


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Soft Blue Panties

I just bought these soft blue panties and I love how see-though they are! They’re made of a soft synthetic material and they’re super comfy to wear. These can be yours for $50, but those with a paid membership to this website get a $10 discount! It’s basically like buying the panties and getting your membership for free! Panties include vacuum sealing and free shipping. Email me to purchase: