Cursed Ring Transforms Secretary Into Sexpot

Secretary Saffron hates how the other women in her office dress so sluttily and let the men treat them like sex objects. She prefers to dress like a proper lady, fully and tastefully covered. Then she notices an envelope for her on her desk! She opens it up to find a really cute ring! It looks great on her, but she quickly finds that the ring just won’t come off, and she has a meeting about to start! She decides to deal with it later and leave it on.

As soon as the meeting with her boss starts, she begins to notice something odd going on with her body! She can’t seem to control her legs, they keep raising as though she’s wearing heels even though she’s just wearing casual flats! She tries to get them under control, but then suddenly she notices that she actually is wearing heels! Surprised, she tries to maintain her composure, but then suddenly she’s wearing slutty stockings! She can feel her body changing, and before she even realizes it, she’s transformed into the very bimbo stereotype she hates so much! Her boss notices the transformation, and she notices the bulge in his pants, so she gets him to take his cock out and stroke it to her sexy body!

*In this JOI bimbo transformation video, I go from a frumpy plain secretary to a hot redhead in a skimpy dress! I tell you how much I want you to stroke your cock for me, while I rub my pussy, enjoying my new found sexuality!*

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