Velma Sucks Cock For Clues

*Just to make sure we’re on the same page… I’m going to give you a blowjob, and then you will tell me the identity of the Great Dicknapper – the man who has been going around town pretending to be a phantom and locking up men’s penises in chastity cages while they sleep? Ok… you better make good on this deal…*

In this Velma cosplay role play blowjob video, I suck the cock of a man who promises me clues! I sensually suck him with my bare ass visible and my feet in the air in knee high socks! It doesn’t take long before he shoots a huge load all over my face, getting some in my hair, on my glasses, and of course in my mouth! Will he give me the information I’m looking for, or is there another surprise waiting? Jinkies!

Length: 14 minutes


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Eaten by a Monster


I’ll just take a look around my neighbors house while he’s out to see if there’s anything I can use to blackmail him. Wait, what was that sound? The house is supposed to be empty…wasn’t this door closed before? What’s in there…….NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! OM NOM NOM NOM

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Fuzzy Sweater, Scarf and Sock Humiliation


I love fuzzy sweaters, fuzzy socks… thick soft scarves… so soft, feminine. Oh, you like them too huh? You’re just such a fag! You’re such a girly boy that I’m going to bind you with these scarves, gag you with the socks and dress you in my soft pink sweater! Then… because you’re such a fag… I’m going to fuck you in the ass!

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FINDOM- I will dominate you with my perfect feet!


Watch out moneyslaves! It’s time to pay your dues! I will drain your wallet- and if you disobey me then I will stomp on your face! Your eyes will get squished by my toesies, and your skin will get pinched the wrinkles of my luscious feet if you don’t properly tribute me! How much will I take from you this time? Watch to find out!

Length: 4.5 minutes

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