Messy Deepthroat Bondage Blowjob

Pornhub sent me a shirt and some panties, so obviously I had to try them out, and what better way to put them to the test but to see how they stand up to a messy deepthroat blowjob! To make it even more fun, I put on my ball gag, blindfold, and Dennis tied my wrists to my ankles so I could make him cum using only my throat! He came so much in my mouth that it spilled out and all over my shirt! Pornhub makes some great shirts!

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Forced-Orgasm Surprise


My husband is on his way home, so I think I’ll set up a little surprise for him when he gets back…I know he’ll love to find me tied up, stuffed with a dildo and a vibrator in my shorts, begging for him to finish me off….

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Ive Been Bad… Punish Me


Another bdsm spanking video! Lots of deepthroating, gagging, spanking and bondage! First, I get spanked in the OTK position, then I give my master a blowjob, then my master ties me up and fucks me from behind, then mouth fucks me while I’m still tied up… all the while still spanking my rosy red ass!

Length: 28 minutes

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Punish This Naughty Little Slut


 This is a 20 minute video where I get punished for spending too much of my master’s money. He spanks my ass until it turns bright red, using his hand, his belt and a paddle. He also shoves his nice hard cock down my throat causing me to gag- but he doesnt stop, and grabs my hair and pushes his cock down even further. He then takes me from behind and pounds me into submission… finally ending with my wrists bound to my ankles, with him face-fucking me until he comes into my mouth and the cum spills out down my chin… and I’ve learned my lesson… for now at least! 😉

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