BDSM Sloppy Blowjob Show! Sexy Snapchat Saturday – January 14th 2017

This week I all of a sudden received a few different suggestions that I try something BDSM related! So, as I love giving blowjobs I thought it would be neat to do a blindfolded blowjob! The sensory deprivation really allowed me to get in the zone while sucking, making me focus on exactly how his cock felt in my mouth and hands, rather than how I may look! I give a super sloppy blowjob, my lipstick smearing everywhere and my spit dripping down to my breasts! In the end I make Dennis cum in my mouth, and let his huge load spill all over me! I love getting messy with his cum!

Length: 6 Minutes

Let me know what you’d like to see for next week’s Sexy SnapChat Saturday!

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Messy Deepthroat Bondage Blowjob

Pornhub sent me a shirt and some panties, so obviously I had to try them out, and what better way to put them to the test but to see how they stand up to a messy deepthroat blowjob! To make it even more fun, I put on my ball gag, blindfold, and Dennis tied my wrists to my ankles so I could make him cum using only my throat! He came so much in my mouth that it spilled out and all over my shirt! Pornhub makes some great shirts!

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