Balloon Popping Wife

Hey! You’re playing with the balloons already!? Couldn’t you wait for me to come home to play with them too? I spent so long blowing these up with my mouth, and you’re here just having fun!? Well you know what, if you’re not going to appreciate how much trouble I went through to blow up all these balloon for you, you’re just not going to be able to play with them! Nope! In fact, I’m going to pop every single one of your balloons! That’s right! I blew up some really really big ones for you too, but now you’re never going to know what they feel like to play with! I even put in my big balloon boobs for you! Ugh!

*In this balloon sit-to-pop video, I play your wife who comes home to find out your playing with the balloons she blew up for you all alone! As punishment, she sits and pops every single one, including a huge 3ft balloon!*

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Devil Transforms Husband into Inflatable Whale

Saffron owes a debt to the devil, but isn’t ready to pay up! The devil decides to punish her by turning the one she loves into an inflatable whale! In order to bring him back, she has to have a REAL orgasm! And the devil is always watching…

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