Devil Vs Angel JOI Game with Clara Dee!

Hey Satyrs!

In this JOI Game video Clara and I are dressed up as an Angel and Devil respectively! You’re jerking off, even though your girlfriend told you she wants you to save all your cum for her! Angel Clara tries to encourage you to take your time, and just edge yourself so that later when you have sex with your girlfriend you can last longer! But as the Devil, I just want you to cum for me right now! Damn the consequences! Clara and I play Rock Paper Scissors to decide who gets to tell you how to stroke for a count of 10! At the end we play Rock Paper Scissors one last time to decide whether or not you get to cum – you’ll just have to play along to find out who wins!

Length:  13 minutes


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The Devil Went Down On You

I’d sell my soul for a blowjob right now! *POOF* Deal! I’ll give you a blowjob, and in return you’ll give me your soul! I hope the orgasm is worth it to you, because you’ll be spending eternity with me in Hell!

In this Devil blowjob video I take you up on your offer to sell your soul for a blowjob! I lay between your legs, all dressed in red, with shiny red ultra-high heels. I lick and suck you, hungry for your soul! I slip my heels off, one at a time, and dangle them off my feet before letting them fall to the floor. I wrinkle my soles and spread my toes for you in the background as I take a nice hot load of cum onto my face!

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Devil Transforms Husband into Inflatable Whale

Saffron owes a debt to the devil, but isn’t ready to pay up! The devil decides to punish her by turning the one she loves into an inflatable whale! In order to bring him back, she has to have a REAL orgasm! And the devil is always watching…

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