Foot Smelling JOI After A Run!

Hey Satyrs!

I know how much you love my feet…especially when they’re super sweaty! In this non-humiliation foot smelling fetish JOI video, I encourage you to smell my feet as much as your heart (and cock) desires! I love that you’re so intoxicated by my scent; I ran extra hard all the way home just to make my feet and dirty old sneakers extra aromatic for you! I give you instructions to sniff my old converse sneakers, teasing you in my sock feet for a while, until finally, baring my wrinkled soles! I tell you to stroke for my feet as I flex and scrunch my toes, asking you to lick, kiss, sniff my feet (even though I’m ticklish!). In the end, I beg for you to cum all over my feet!

Length: 12 minutes


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Foot Smelling Handjob & Blowjob After Dancing

Oh tonight was so much fun! Thank you so much for taking me dancing! I noticed something while we were out…you kept staring at my feet! You like them in my high heels, do you? I bet you’ll like them even more with my shoes off! Ooh I got so sweaty dancing with you! These heels don’t let my feet breathe at all! They just get so wet, sweaty and smelly in there! But you like that, don’t you? You’ve been waiting all night for this…to finally have my feet in your face! Well since you were so nice to take me dancing, how about I do something for you? I’ll give you a blowjob, and I’ll keep my sweaty, smelly stocking covered feet right in your face for you to sniff! Does that sound nice? I thought so! Yes, just breathe deeply and I’ll lick and suck and stroke you until you explode!

*In this foot smelling handjob and blowjob video I tease you with my stocking covered toes, telling you to smell my sweaty feet! I passionately lick and suck your cock, feeling your cock throbbing more and more with every whiff of my feet. Finally I stroke you until you explode spectacularly in the air with a huge cumshot!*

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Sweaty Foot Smelling Handjob & Blowjob

Have you just been lazing around in here while I did all the chores in the garden? You were waiting for your daily handjob, huh? Well fine, I’ll give you your daily handjob, but since you didn’t help me in the garden I’m going to stick my stinky sweaty feet in your face! I’ve been wearing my rain boots without socks in the hot sun, working up quite a sweat while gardening…now my feet are wet with sweat and stink! Breathe deeply as I stroke you, I only want you to be able to think of my stinky feet as you cum! You’ll help me out in the garden tomorrow, won’t you? Or do you love having my sweaty wrinkled soles in your face?!

In this foot smelling handjob video I put my wrinkled soles in Dennis’ face, right up close to the camera, as I stroke and tease about how sweaty and smelly they are! Towards the end I lick his cock a little as I stroke,  before making him cum on my face and on himself!

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Foot Smelling Handjob at the Gym

Ugh! Are you staring at my ass!? What, do you think I’m hot or something? You just want a handjob don’t you. Fine! I’ll give you a handjob, but you’ll have to have my stinky feet right up in your face! If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll take off my smelly socks and get my sweaty wrinkled soles in your face!

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