Secretary Seduces You With Her Dirty Feet And Pantyhose

I’m so sorry I’m late again, Boss! I know that I just started working for you and this is a really bad first impression, but I swear I have a good excuse! My car broke down, and even though I live nearby, it’s still a long walk when you’re wearing high heels! This morning it was so wet and rainy too that it was too dangerous to walk all the way here in my heels so I took them off and walked around in the muddy streets in just my pantyhose! Look how filthy my pantyhose covered feet are! Do you like staring at my dirty feet, boss? If you’d like I can make sure to walk here in just my pantyhose every day, so my feet are always nice and dirty for you! Would you like that, boss? Oh please say yes, I will do anything to keep this job!

*In this dirty feet and pantyhose fetish video I play a desperate secretary who will do anything to keep her job. So I tease you with my dirty stocking feet, and beg you to let me stay, stripping down to just my pantyhose before finally giving you a 10-second countdown to make your decision!*

Length: 11 minutes


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