Step Sisters Teach You How To Last Longer! | Taboo Schoolgirl Edging Double Blowjob with Clara Dee!

Hey Step brother!

We heard at school what happened when you were making out with that girl you like – you came in your pants! How embarrassing for you! And since we’re your step sisters, a bad reputation for you reflects on us too! So, we’ve decided to help you out… We’re going to teach you how to last longer next time you’re with a girl by giving you an edging blowjob! What’s edging? It’s when you get so close to the edge of cumming, but stopping just before – with enough practice it can help you last longer, so you don’t mess your jeans! I know we’re you’re step sisters, and usually it wouldn’t be okay for us to give you a blowjob, but we think this such an embarrassing problem, we better just keep it in the family. I mean, who else cares enough about you to help you through your struggles, other than your family?

In this taboo edging double blowjob video I’m joined by the Cute Clara Dee, and together, in our school girl uniforms, we play your step sisters and give you a slow, sensual edging blowjob; taking turns licking your cock, balls, and playing with your precum, all the while teasing you mildly about how quickly you cum! In the end, you shoot a huge load into my mouth, which I greedily slurp up all for myself, leaving Clara without as I play with the cum and swallow it all down!

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Length: 18 minutes


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Naughty Schoolgirl Gives Virgin Friend Blowjob Demonstration

You know how I’ve been playing with your cock everyday after school for a while now? Well my friend Lacey over here has never even seen a cock before! She’s curious about what it’s like to give a blowjob – do you mind if she watches?

In this naughty schoolgirl blowjob lesson video I demonstrate my blowjob skills to Lacey, showing her how much fun it is to lick, suck and tease a cock! I start slow, showing her how I love to tease the sensitive underside with my fingertips and tongue, then I start to stroke faster, showing her how to wrap her fingers around the base to make your cock pulse and throb! When you get close to cumming, I invite Lacey to sit next to me so she gets a close-up view of you shooting a huge load of cum right onto my tongue! I happily lick up every drop that missed my mouth- including some on Lacey’s fingers- and swirl the cum in my mouth before finally swallowing it all!

Length: 12 Minutes


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