Schoolgirl JOI Countdown After Class – FREE-RELEASE!

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Now that everyone’s gone, do you have a moment to speak with me, teacher? You know, since you’re the youngest male teacher in the school, there are a lot of girls that have a crush on you…and I’ve noticed the way you look at us too! You look up our skirts and down our blouses any chance you get! Don’t worry, I don’t mind! Actually…I’m wondering, what if I show you more of what’s beneath my schoolgirl uniform, and in exchange you show me how a guy touches himself! I’ve never seen a cock before in real life, and I want to know how to please a man so that when I get a boyfriend I’ll know just what to do! So you stroke for me, and show me how a guy cums while I tease you with my body! But let’s hurry- we only have a few minutes before the next class! 

In this schoolgirl JOI video, I tease you in my schoolgirl uniform with my breasts and white-pantied pussy while telling you to stroke for me! In the end I give you a 10-second countdown as I beg for you to cum for me!

Length: 12 Minutes


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